Top 10 Best Selling Watch Brands in 2021

Top 10 Best Selling Watch Brands in 2021

Watches are much more than a way to keep the time. In fact, it could be argued that telling the time isn’t the reason most people buy watches at all anymore. Instead, watches have become fashion statements, fitness devices, and minicomputers. So, which watches are the best sellers? Read on to learn about the top designer watches, luxury watches that won’t break the bank, and the top smartwatches in 2021.

Best Selling Luxury Watches

People buy luxury watches for several reasons. First, they make a huge statement. After all, a Rolex has long been seen as an indication of status. Second, many people enjoy collecting watches, much as others enjoy coin collecting or antique collecting. Thirdly, luxury watches tend to retain their value, making them an investment. Here’s what to know about some of the top selling luxury watch brands.


Rolex watches may be the gold-standard when it comes to high-end watches. Rolex watches are unique in that they don’t just hold their value, they often increase in value over time. Rolex watches are synonymous with timeless refinement and elegance, making them a bestselling watch brand.

TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer watches are interesting because they are expensive, designer watches, but most of them are considered sports watches. Since 1860, the Swiss watchmaker has been known for precision timekeeping coupled with undeniable style. TAG Heuer watches are collectors items and constantly in-demand.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is an iconic American brand known for classic sophistication. Although many Ralph Lauren watches retail in the thousands, they are more affordable than a Rolex. With myriad styles ranging from sporty to elegant, Ralph Lauren watches frequently top the list of best-selling watches.

Patek Phillipe

As a lasting family-owned luxury watch manufacturer, Patek Phillipe are luxuriously understated. Known for being elegant, reliable, and made of the finest artisanship, Patek Phillipe watches are often on every collector’s wish list.


Omega is another top selling Swiss watch brand that routinely makes the most popular lists. Although Omega may not boast the same household name recognition as a Rolex, these watches have a large following. It doesn’t hurt that many of their styles are a bit more affordable than a Rolex.Other popular luxury watches that didn’t necessarily make the top 10 list include Zenith, Tudor, Vacheron Constantin, Van Cleef & Arpels, Panerai, and Hublot.

Best Selling Affordable Designer Watches

Not surprisingly, less expensive watch brands are also on the list of the most popular watch brands. Though they may not be as coveted, or attractive to collectors, these brands offer premium quality and style at a reduced price.


Citizen watches are an affordable luxury watch that remains consistently popular. Though citizen watches aren’t known for maintaining value the way a Rolex would, they are far more affordable for people, with many styles available for less than $1,000.


Although Movado isn’t necessarily in the same category as Rolex and TAG Heuer, they are considered luxury watches, albeit more affordable. Today, Movado watches are perhaps better known for being a trendy fashion item as opposed to a collector’s item.


As far as watchmakers go, Fossil is a relative newcomer, emerging in the mid 1980’s. However, they quickly became wildly popular, and continue to reign as a dominant, but affordable watch. Incidentally, Fossil also happens to license products to other designer brands including Karl Lagerfeld, Kate Spade, Mac Jacobs, and Michael Kors.

Other designer but affordable watches that didn’t make the list, but remain extremely popular include Meistersinger, Bulgari, Guess, Timex, and Montblanc.

Best Selling Smartwatches

Some of the best-selling watches today, aren’t what you’d think of when you hear the term “designer watches.” However, smartwatches have rapidly become super popular, as they serve as a wearable computer, phone, watch and fitness tracker all in one.

Apple Watch

The Apple watch took the smartwatch world by storm and continues to dominate as a best-selling watch brand. More tablet than watch, these wearable computers are known for offering fitness tracking, in addition to serving as a phone, and tablet all in one.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

For fans of Android operating systems, the Samsung Galaxy Watch stands as the clear winner in most popular smartwatches available. The Samsun Galaxy Watch provides incredible fitness tracking, and plenty of app storage for music and more.

Other popular smartwatches include those made by Fitbit, Garmin, and Amazfit.

Where to Buy Best Selling Watch Brands

If you’re ready to treat yourself to a new watch, don’t limit your shopping to traditional retailers. Expand your search to include online sellers and pawn shops. Just be sure if you’re buying online, you have a way to verify the authenticity of the item before you hand over your money. Avoid mailing money before you see the item yourself in person. Be sure to meet a seller at a well-lit and populated venue if you don’t know them. Likewise, if you’re shopping for a luxury watch at a pawn shop, ask for verification of authenticity. You may also want to inquire about a return policy.

Central Mega Pawn Buys and Sells Top Selling Watch Brands

At Central Mega Pawn in Ontario, we buy and sell the globe’s leading watch brands. In addition to the best-selling brands, we also buy and sell watches from brands including:

  • Piaget
  • Cartier
  • Blancpen
  • Chopard
  • Grand Seiko
  • Hermes
  • Shinola
  • Chanel
  • Longines
  • Breitling
  • Many others

We can’t speak for all pawn shops, but at Central Mega Pawn, we have been buying and selling designer watches for decades, and we can assure you that we don’t buy or sell knockoffs. Our experienced pawnbrokers have been in the business for many years and know exactly what to look for when customers bring in a designer watch to sell.

Central Mega Pawn is the fastest growing pawnshop in the Inland Empire. Located on Central Avenue in Ontario, we are convenient to nearby cities including Pomona and Upland is open seven days a week from 8:30 am – 6:00 pm. Central Mega Pawn also has an online store with thousands of items for sale.

Do Pawn Shops Buy and Sell Gold Coins, Bars and Bullion?

Do Pawn Shops Buy and Sell Gold Coins, Bars and Bullion?

If you are looking to buy or sell gold coins, gold bars, or gold bullion, you should consider making a stop at your local pawn shop. Though we can’t guarantee all pawn shops will buy or sell these precious metals, Central Mega Pawn near Ontario, Pomona, and Upland is happy to examine your gold for sale and boasts a large inventory of gold items available to buy. Read on to learn more about buying or selling gold coins, bars and bullion at pawn shops.

What is Gold Bullion?

Gold bullion is essentially an umbrella term for all types of very pure gold. The word bullion, therefore, can be used to describe any type of gold bar or gold coin, which has a stamped weight and purity of precious metal. So, although you may think of bullion as plain bricks of gold stored for example, at Fort Knox, it’s the term used to describe any type of gold that is a tradeable form of gold. Incidentally, bars of gold are also called gold ingot, which refers to the mold that is used to shape gold into bars. Gold jewelry, although valuable, isn’t considered bullion, as it’s not stamped with the purity and weight of coins and bars.

Buying Gold Coins, Bars or Bullion a from Pawnshop

With an uncertain economic climate, buying gold can help to diversify your wealth and investments. In fact, experts recommend keeping some gold because it is not linked to stock market performance or other financial instruments. Here are 5 reasons to consider buying gold:

1. Safeguard against inflation

With inflation at 40-year highs, gold can be a great hedge against inflation. Generally speaking, when the cost of goods and living increases, the price of gold also rises.

2. Protection for a weakening U.S. dollar

Inflation means that things cost more because the dollar becomes weakened. In other words, your cash doesn’t go as far as it once did. When the dollar weakens, gold prices tend to soar, which can be an added safeguard for your family.

3. Gold holds its value

Gold holds its value even when currencies are weakened, and the stock markets go down. Gold boasts an impressive history of maintaining its value, thanks to being noncorrosive, and easily moldable into a variety of items such as gold jewelry, and gold coins.

4. Increasing demand

In some nations it is commonplace for people to use gold bars as a way of saving for the future. This keeps the demand for gold high, even in tumultuous economic climates.

5. Protection in periods of uncertainty

Geopolitical uncertainty is another reason that people decide to purchase gold. In fact, gold is often referred to as a “crisis commodity,” for its stability in value, even when it feels like the world has turned upside down.

Types of Gold Bullion You May Find in a Pawn Shop

You may find incredibly valuable gold bullion in a pawn shop. Gold bullion available near Upland, Ontario, and Pomona may include:

  • Gold Bars
  • Gold Nuggets
  • Gold Bars
  • Gold Ingot

Selling Gold Coins, Bars or Bullion to a Pawnshop

If you need cash, you can always turn your gold coins, bars, or bullion into money by selling it to a pawn shop. However, it’s smart to sell to a reputable, established pawn shop to get the best deal on your gold.

A reputable pawn shop will follow all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. They will advertise their compliance with membership in an organization such as the California Pawnbrokers Association, or other national or statewide organization.

Quality pawnshops are generally established as well. Of course, everyone needs to start somewhere, so newer shops aren’t necessarily untrustworthy. However, if you take your gold to an established shop, you’re more likely to work with experienced pawn brokers, who closely follow the precious metals markets, and know what your gold items are worth. Established shops also have a loyal customer base, so they know what they can sell quickly, and may therefore be able to offer you a better price.

There are a few ways to get a better price for your gold when you sell it to a pawn shop. First, do a bit of research so that you are aware of the current price of gold. An educated seller will generally leave with more cash in hand. Secondly, clean up your gold. A quick wash, and wipe down can make it shine, and make the weight and fineness stamp show more clearly. Thirdly, don’t be afraid to negotiate with your pawnbroker. Negotiation is a customary practice at pawnshops, so you’re always encouraged to give it a shot.

How Much Does Gold Buy and Sell for at a Pawn Shop?

The amount of your offer for your gold at a pawn shop, or the list price for gold items in stock will depend on a few factors. These include the current price of gold, the demand for gold, and the value of the item you’re looking to buy or sell. Each gold item is generally a percentage of what you’d expect to pay in a traditional store. In many cases you can buy gold at a pawnshop, only to have it appraise for more than you paid. Likewise, you can often sell gold items for more than you’d be offered at a jeweler. Before settling on where you buy or sell your gold, it’s smart to get estimates from multiple buyers or sellers, to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Central Mega Pawn Buys and Sells Gold Coins, Bars, and Bullion

At Central Mega Pawn in Ontario, near Pomona and Upland, you can buy and sell gold bars, coins, and bullion. Although we can’t speak for all pawn shops, in our store, we always have a wide variety of precious metals. Our inventory changes daily, because we buy precious metals in the form of coins, bars, bullion, and jewelry every day. As a leading pawn shop in the area, our pawnbrokers are experienced, knowledgeable, and fair with pricing. Stop by to meet our team today. We’re conveniently located on S. Central Avenue in Ontario, and we’re open from 8:30 am -6:00 pm seven days a week. Follow us on Facebook to see in-demand added items when we get them.