A Guide to Buying the Right Designer Handbag for You

A Guide to Buying the Right Designer Handbag for You

Discovering a passion for handbags can be both exciting and intimidating. There are so many brands in varying styles and colors, how do you even know where to start? Before walking into a big-name store and buying the first bag that catches your eye at full ticket price, take a second to think about what your preferences are and how you can find your perfect handbag under more reasonable circumstances, especially if you live in the Upland, Ontario, or Pomona areas.

Set Goals

To help narrow down your search, you need to set a list of preferences. Think of it as an open-ended wish list to use as a guide for when you shop. How much are you willing to spend, and what kind of look are you going for? Nothing is worse than impulse-buying an expensive bag that will end up sitting in your closet because you can never find the opportunity to use it.

Establish a Reasonable Budget

Even if you’re prepared to drop a hefty amount of cash on a designer bag, it’s still a good idea to set a budget. Doing this will help lessen the impact of the common phenomena of buyer’s remorse. This unpleasant feeling that happens in roughly 80% of consumers can follow us around for days but can be avoided by setting expectations and controlling what we’re getting into. Plus, finding a bag at a decent price and getting more use out of it than it’s worth is a very proud feeling that you can’t help but brag about to anyone who happens to ask.

Think About Your Desired Qualities

When you close your eyes and imagine a designer handbag, what comes to mind? Really dig deep and listen to your heart. Maybe you’re imagining a small crossbody with a long chain strap, or you could be thinking of a much larger tote bag with an exterior pouch right on the front. There are endless styles and colors to choose from, so there’s got to be at least a handful of options that fit your aesthetic and are able to effortlessly express your personality. Another trait that many people don’t consider is the level of care a specific handbag needs to stay in good shape. Some bags use durable scratch-proof leather that doesn’t need much maintenance while more delicate materials require you to store it in a dust cover while not in use.

Popular Designer Handbag Styles

  • Baguette
  • Clutch
  • Crossbody
  • Hobo
  • Satchel
  • Wristlet
  • Bowler
  • Bucket
  • Messenger
  • Tote
  • Trapeze

Can You Imagine Yourself With It?

It’s easy to lay your eyes on a bag that looks absolutely stunning without considering when you’re actually going to use it and with what outfit. You should think carefully about both of these things before taking out your wallet because this is the point of the sale where people make the most mistakes. Ask these questions to yourself:

  • Is this going to be an everyday bag or only for special occasions like dates and holiday parties?
  • How many of my outfits would compliment this bag?
  • Is this a style that will stay relevant ten years from now or is it just a fad that will fade out in a couple months?

Giving into rolling trends can be very tempting, but then you risk ending up with a bag that will quickly go out of style leaving you with no desire to use it anymore. Oftentimes fashion trends come and go as fast as internet sensations. Even if a fashion trend does come back, it can take as long as thirty years for that to happen. So unless the style truly fits your personal identity, it’s best to just avoid it altogether.

The Designer Handbag Market

After you’ve decided on the general style that you wish to chase for your personalized collection, all that’s left is to find a brand that fits the bill. Different brands specialize in certain characteristics that drive the inspiration for their designs. For example, Kate Spade bags are usually very colorful and unique while Chanel bags are more on the classy and elegant side. Some brands are even renowned enough to be considered investment brands. But if you’re going to be using it, it’s still recommended to choose a bag based on your style rather than picking something just because it could possibly have the potential to increase in value due to rarity. If you’re in it purely for profit, there are other items better suited for that reason such as anything involving precious metals.

Designer Handbag BrandStyle Profile
  • Favors quality leather
  • Inspired by New York and pop culture
  • Iconic “C” logo pattern
Michael Kors
  • Unique patterns and styles
  • Pops of color next to neutrals
  • Innovative use of metals
Louis Vuitton
  • Favors smaller bags
  • Blends neutral colors together
  • Subtly cute elements
  • Use of non-traditional materials
  • Quilted designs
  • Available in solid colors or extravagant patterns
  • Unconventional colors and patterns
  • Bold design choices
  • Values themed collections

Finding Handbags at a Pawn Shop

If you know what brand and style you want, why not go to that company’s store at the mall? The biggest reason is money. It’s hard to justify buying a brand new designer bag straight from the company itself at a high ticket price when you can find a bag from the same brand and a similar style at a pawn shop for a much lower cost. And if you’re new to buying designer bags, finding a cheaper one at a pawn shop is a great place to start and test the waters to see if it’s something that you really want to stick with. If you’re worried about designer bags at pawn shops being worn out since they’re pre-owned, a quality shop will only put up bags that are like new and good enough to resell.

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Pawn Shop or Jewelry Store, Which is Better to Sell My Used Rolex?

Pawn Shop or Jewelry Store, Which is Better to Sell My Used Rolex?

Even if you don’t know much about designer watches, you’ve most likely heard of the Rolex name. Like Coca-Cola is to the soda industry, Rolex is a flagship brand in its category. Their Swiss luxury watches are sought out by many so you should have no problem finding a place to sell your own Rolex piece. But where should you go to cash in? A jewelry store may seem like the most reasonable option, but that’s actually far from the truth. Before we dive into why pawn shops are your best bet for getting the most cash, it’s important to know why your Rolex is worth a lot.

What Makes Rolex Valuable?

The first step in selling your Rolex watch is knowing why the brand is held to such high standards. There’s a good reason as to why the brand is considered a flagship company, and it all comes from Rolex’s impressive history as innovators.

The Original Innovators

In 1926, Rolex designed the world’s first waterproof and dustproof wristwatch. They called it the Rolex Oyster, and it went through over ten consistent hours of rigorous testing by being worn by an athlete swimming through the cold waters of the English Channel in the Atlantic Ocean. By the end of the endeavor, the watch didn’t do so much as skip a beat.

This same energy has been carried through the brand’s history, one of the most momentous achievements being in 1953 with the first occurrence of anyone reaching the top of Mount Everest which was accomplished by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay who wore Rolex watches throughout the journey. The company celebrated this achievement by creating the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer.

Impeccable Quality

Rolex has an exciting background, but what about the actual quality of their watches? The amount of care the designers and engineers place into each piece matches that of the brand’s tenacity in striving for more greatness. Those seeking a Rolex watch admire them for many reasons:

  • They’re made with the highest amount of quality
  • The movements are accurate, reliable, and sturdy
  • Every watch lasts a very long time
  • Rolex watches are easily repairable despite the high quality
  • The nature of the brand gives each watch symbolic and cultural value

Recognized By All

The Rolex name is usually the first one that comes to mind when thinking about designer watches because the brand is recognized by a vast number of people around the world. Even back during the company’s experimental phases in the beginning, Rolex watches were popular among known sport athletes and ambitious explorers. Even the average person who isn’t as athletic can appreciate the brand’s reputation and what they mean to the watch industry. With that being said, you’ll never have to worry about not being able to sell your Rolex watch because there will always be someone out there who would love to proudly wear it on their own wrist and show off wherever they go.

Ditch the Jewelry Store

Your Rolex watch is special and you deserve the best price that you can get for it. In that case, the jewelry store is the last place you want to go to. It’s very possible they won’t take it anyway. Jewelry stores are known to be picky about what they accept. If it’s not currently popular or if they deem your watch too outdated, they’ll be quick to turn it down for fear of not being able to resell it.

Pawn shops, on the other hand, only care about the objective details of your Rolex. They’ll check the weight of the watch, the metal composition, the overall condition, and any other details to determine the value. As long as your watch holds even a few dollars worth of value, the pawnbroker will be willing to buy it off of you. But of course, your Rolex will most likely be worth more than a mere few dollars. Another benefit to selling at a pawn shop is that the process is much faster. It only takes a moment to walk in, agree on a price, and get your cash. This is why you can find Rolex watches at a pawn shop.

How to Sell to a Pawn Shop

Getting the most for your Rolex is easy! It just takes a little bit of research and light maintenance to squeeze out a few more bucks when you take it to the pawn shop. The first rule of thumb is to always do your research so you have a rough idea of how much your watch is worth. If you have a number to work with, it’ll be easier to tell if you’re getting a good deal or not. If you feel like you’re being shorted, hightail it out of there! Also, cleaning your watch and making it look more presentable is sure to make it appealing enough to get a higher price. By taking these extra measures beforehand, you have solid means for opening up negotiations. A pawn broker’s livelihood is based around negotiating, so never feel bad for stating your price.

The Best Pawn Shop In the Inland Empire

Even if you did the proper research and tidied up your Rolex to look brand spanking new, it won’t matter if you take it to a lackluster pawn shop. How do you know where to go to not get cheated? Central Mega Pawn is the most reputable pawn shop in the Inland Empire. Loyal customers have been doing business for years with no intention of stopping because of the trustworthy staff, friendly atmosphere, and tremendous deals.

Central Mega Pawn is open seven days a week so you can stop by whenever is best for you. Visit anytime at 11031 South Central Avenue in Ontario, California for the best pawn shop experience in the Inland Empire. You can also call (909) 627-9622 for any questions that you may have. The staff will be more than happy to make your day!