Do Pawn Shops in Upland Buy Gold Chains at a Good Price?

Do Pawn Shops in Upland Buy Gold Chains at a Good Price?

So many savvy individuals love to rock gold chains as a distinct status symbol. These chains are also commonly used to carry beautiful pendants and amulets. However, if it’s time to give up your shiny cable for whatever reason, there are pawn shops in Upland that will gladly take it off your hands for a pretty price. The question is, are you getting the best price for it?

The Properties of Gold

There are countless reasons as to why people love to acquire gold as a means of investment. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the form of bars, coins, nuggets, flakes, or jewelry, gold is gold and there is money to be had in the trade. However you choose to carry or store your investment, you really can’t go wrong.

Stable Fiscal Value

Unlike traditional currency such as paper bills, coin change, and credit lines which lose their value during inflation, gold is not affected by such economic factors. Since gold is a commodity rather than legal tender, its monetary value is simply the price of gold itself which is more or less secure in standing because it always holds value as a useful metal. If anything, the price of gold tends to go up rather than down.

*Data sourced from Macrotrends

Physical Traits

As a precious metal, gold contains many properties for a wide variety of uses. It’s flexible enough to be shaped into any form, it’s non-corrosive to withstand harsh conditions, and it’s a conductor of electricity so it’s used for many electronic devices. You’d be surprised to learn just how many items in your home have a tiny bit of gold hidden inside for functional reasons. But perhaps the most common use for gold is in jewelry.

Classic But Versatile Look

The traditional yellow sheen of gold is great for assisting a gem’s beauty by providing it a backdrop in which to stand out. Regardless of the type of stone and its color, gold comes in yellow, white, and rose to compliment every gem in existence. This is why stunning gold jewelry is loved by so many.

Understanding Your Gold Chain

In order to get the best possible price for your gold chain, you must realize the worth of it before you bring it in for an appraisal. You need to know how to identify the quality of the metal and use that to determine a rough estimate which you can use for negotiating at a pawn shop.

A Short Guide to Karats

Encyclopedia Britannica defines a gold karat as, “one twenty-fourth part, or 4.1667 percent, of the whole, and the purity of a gold alloy is expressed as the number of these parts of gold it contains.” In addition, the page states that, “an object that contains 16 parts gold and 8 parts alloying metal is 16-karat gold, and pure gold is 24-karat gold.” This explanation puts the concept of karats into simple terms, but you can still refer to the chart below for a quick rundown.

Number of KaratsGold in PartsGold in Percentage

Gauging a Rough Estimate

If you know the number of karats for your gold chain, then all you have to do is weigh it in grams and you’ll have everything you need to calculate a price estimate. If you don’t know the number of karats, you can take it to any professional jeweler or pawnbroker who has training in identifying the quality of gold. And with plenty of gold calculators available online, you don’t even have to do the math yourself!

Another way to judge the worth of your gold chain is to compare it to a pawn shop listing to get a feel for how the store may grade your treasure. Remember, it is completely appropriate and even encouraged to engage in a negotiation with a pawnbroker.

Getting the Best Price

Even though there are calculators and rough price ranges online, the value of your particular chain can still be different from what you might expect. That’s because the condition of your jewelry still has an effect on the final price, so it’s important to make sure that it’s in the best condition before you go asking for a quote.

Prepping Your Gold Chain

The most effective way to prepare your gold chain for selling is to clean it like new. Here are a few ways to effectively clean your chain for a blinding shine:

  • Use mild soap and warm water to gently loosen and scrub off dirt and other debris
  • Get an ultrasonic cleaner to agitate the water with high frequency sound waves which will cause dirt to shake off of the chain
  • Simply pour boiling water on top of the chain as a slightly more aggressive measure in case the previous methods do not work

Finding the Right Place to Sell

You could prepare your gold chain to the best of your abilities but a dishonorable pawn shop will still give you the short end of the deal. To avoid being scammed, you need to find a seller you can trust. You can tell if a pawn shop is trustworthy by reading reviews online and seeing how long they’ve been in business.

The Best Pawn Shop in Upland

If you’re looking for a reputable pawn shop in Upland, you can stop your search and go straight to Central Mega Pawn. With over a thousand customers vouching for their honest business, you can put all of your worries aside when you come for a visit. Give the friendly staff a call today at (909) 627-9622 before stopping by 11031 S Central Avenue in Ontario, California. Once you step foot inside and take in the atmosphere, you’ll know that you’ve found the right place!

Should I Sell My Engagement Ring to a Pawn Shop or Jewelry Store?

Should I Sell My Engagement Ring to a Pawn Shop or Jewelry Store?

If you have an engagement ring from an ex-partner that you no longer want, you can likely turn it into cash very quickly. But where is the best place to sell an engagement ring? Your two main options are a pawn shop or a jewelry store. Here are the pros and cons of selling your engagement ring to a pawn shop, or to a jewelry store.

Pros of Selling Your Engagement Ring to a Pawn Shop

There are several benefits of selling an engagement to a pawn shop. The most obvious benefit is that you’ll probably be able to sell it quickly. With more than 30 million Americans buying, selling, or pawning items at a pawn shop, suffice it to say a lot of jewelry is bought and sold in pawn shops across America. That means that your local pawn shop is likely always looking to replenish their inventory of jewelry.

Another benefit of selling your engagement ring to a pawn shop is that you’ll be supporting a small, often locally owned and operated business, in your own community. Likewise, environmentalists prefer working with pawn shops, as they do not do any mining, or otherwise damage to the environment. Everything in a pawn shop is a resale, and there’s no packaging, or extra carbon emissions from shipping items. Those who are concerned with sustainability and environmental impacts of their purchases often prefer conducting business with pawn shops.

An incredible benefit of selling an engagement ring to a pawn shop is that unlike a jewelry store that is only interested in certain styles, or designs, pawn shops cater to a diverse customer base Pawn shops aren’t particularly concerned with what year your engagement ring was designed. They may be less fussy about the shape or mount of a gemstone.

You can also get a great price for your engagement ring at a pawn shop. Pawn shops generally purchase items for approximately 50% of the value. Moreover, you can often sell it and find another amazing piece of jewelry in the shop to trade for, that doesn’t come with the same proverbial baggage attached, as your engagement ring.

What to Know About Selling Your Engagement Ring to a Jewelry Store

In some cases, you may get a slightly higher price for your engagement ring if you sell it to a jewelry store. But remember that not all jewelry stores will buy your jewelry. You certainly can’t walk into the jewelry store at the mall and try to sell an engagement ring. You’ll have to identify which jewelry stores are currently buying. Then you’ll have to bring in your ring. Then if, and only if your ring matches what they are looking for, they will make you an offer. Pawn shops are much faster and simpler, and buy a much wider variety of engagement rings

How to Get the Most Money for Your Engagement Ring at a Pawn Shop

To get the most money for your engagement ring at a pawn shop, follow these simple steps.

1. Clean the ring

You can use a gentle dish soap and a cloth, or you can likely take it to a jewelry store and have it cleaned. A clean ring will sparkle and shine, which can increase your price.

2. Learn About Your Ring

Be sure you know the karat if your ring is gold. If it has diamonds, research the price of the carat you have online. Spend some time looking up other engagement rings until you find one comparable to yours. Find ballpark pricing and remember that a pawn shop will only pay a percentage of the full retail price.

3. Have Your I.D. With You

California state law requires pawnbrokers to collect identification from those they buy items from. So, don’t head into the pawn shop to sell your engagement ring without your I.D.

4. Bring the Box

If you still have the box your ring came in, bring the ring in the box. This helps to present it more attractively to the broker.

5. Bring any Appraisals

If you’ve had your engagement ring appraised, bring that paperwork with you when you come to the pawnshop. If you happen to have the receipt for it, bring that as well.

6. Check the Current Price of Gold, Silver, or Platinum

You’ll be a more educated seller if you know an approximate value of precious metals. You can check the current price of gold, silver, or platinum online anytime.

7. Don’t Shy Away from Negotiations

If there is anywhere that going back and forth is accepted, it is at the pawn shop. In fact, pawn shops welcome negotiations. When you get an initial offer, don’t be afraid to ask the employee how they arrived at the figure they offered. Allow them to make their case, then make your case for why they should pay you more. Most times you’ll meet somewhere in the middle.

8. Do Not Act Desperate

Even if you can’t wait to get an engagement ring out of your life, don’t let the pawn shop know that. Instead, keep a cool head, and use the knowledge you’ve learned about your ring to make good decisions, and be a strong negotiator.

9. Be Willing to Walk Away

If you can’t reach an agreement on price, be willing to walk away. It is not uncommon for customers to refuse an offer, and prepare to leave, only to get the price they wanted just minutes before walking out the door. If you cannot reach an agreement, be willing to walk away.

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