Where Can I Sell My Loose Diamonds?

Arriving at the decision to sell your loose diamonds can be a significant and emotional moment. Regardless of your reasons for doing so, the decision to sell should not be done on impulse or left to chance. Before you take the massive step of selling your loose...

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Do Pawn Shops Buy High-End Fishing Gear?

Pawn shops are great places to find deals on a wide variety of items. From high-quality jewelry to power tools and everything in between, pawn shops are a great resource for buying and selling. They can also be an excellent resource when you are looking to sell your...

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Jewelry Store vs Pawn Shop: Which is the Best for You?

When people in the Inland Empire are in the market for jewelry, most head straight for their local jewelry store, or to the nearest mall’s huge chain store. However, there are those who consider other options, such as pawnshops, which is fortunate because pawn shops...

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Top 5 things to know when pawning anything at a pawn shop

Most people who need a quick loan and do not want to pay the high cost of a payday loan, where APR’s can be as high as 400% (see our blog on payday loans vs pawn loans) or go through a credit check and all the additional requirements of a personal loan, a pawn shop is...

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Do Pawn Shops Loan Money on Electronics?

When you need quick cash, a reputable pawn shop near you is a great place to work with. The strict regulations that pawn shops operate under in California make them a safe bet for your business. More and more people are turning to pawnshops to meet their financial...

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Finding Antiques at a Pawn Shop Near You

Antiques are a significant investment. Not only do they add character to any setting they're put into, but they can also be handed down as they grow in value. From small items, like trading cards, to large pieces like furniture and weapons, there’s an antique out...

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