Top 10 Most Valuable Coins Ever Sold

Top 10 Most Valuable Coins Ever Sold

At Central Mega Pawn, we get excited whenever a rare coin finds its way into our store. Rare coins bring so much history with them, and it’s hard not to be at least a little awed. If you love buying, selling, and pawning rare coins as much as we do, keep reading for a list of some of the most valuable coins ever sold.

How we made this list

There are plenty of coins all over the world that are worth even more than the coins on this list. They are said to be priceless, because they are so rare and unique that they are housed in museums and will likely never be available to the public.

Also, sometimes national mints create unusual coins that are never sold or put into circulation. For example, Perth Mint in Australia unveiled The Australian Kangaroo One Tonne Gold Coin, which went on tour in Europe and is now on display in the Perth Mint’s collection.

So, the coins on this list have been bought and sold on the public record. It does not include priceless treasures that you can only view when they are on exhibit in a museum, coins that were never made available to the public, or coins that were sold via private arrangements.

All prices are in U.S. dollars and reflect the most recent publicized sale.

#10: 1913 Liberty Head Nickel – $3,737,500

This five-cent piece was unauthorized by the U.S. Mint, and only five are believed to exist today. The legend of these coins states that a U.S. Mint employee struck them in the middle of the night. The rarity and legend around these five coins make them one of the most sought-after pieces in American numismatics.

#9: 1804 Bust Dollar – Class I – $3,865,750

These coins were created to use as part of a diplomatic gift during a diplomat’s visit to Macau. Although the coins were struck and distributed in the 1830s, the coins themselves are stamped with the year 1804. They are comprised of around 90% gold and are often considered the “King of American Coins.” Several other classes were created of this coin, but the most valuable among them are the Class I series, which were the coins created solely for gifting purposes.

#8: $1 Million Gold Canadian Maple Leaf – $4,020,000

In 2007, the Royal Canadian Mint produced the world’s first million-dollar coin. However, that is not the coin’s only distinction: it is twenty inches in diameter, over an inch thick, and is comprised of over 220 pounds of 99% pure gold. The coin was produced to help promote the release of the Canadian Mint’s new pure one-ounce gold maple leaf coins. To date, five of these incredible gold bullion coins have been purchased by private investors.

#7: 1804 Silver Dollar – Class I – $4,140,000

Much like the 1804 Bust Dollar coin, these coins were gifted to foreign dignitaries, such as the Sultan of Muscat. It has changed hands several times since the mid-1800s and rarely appears in public auction houses.

#6. 1913 Liberty Head Nickel – $4,560,000

This particular example of the famed 1913 Liberty Head nickel series is by far the finest known example of only five specimens. This specimen has a highly mirrorlike surface in the field and is only one of the five known examples to exhibit this characteristic. However, no records exist in any mint for its production run or numbers, which is cause for controversy in the numismatics community. As a result, its grading varies wildly depending on the grader.

#5. 1787 Brasher Doubloon – “EB” on Wing – $4,582,500

These coins were minted by Ephraim Brasher, a goldsmith, and silversmith in New York City. Because the U.S. Mint did not exist at the time, colonies had to mint their own coins; as a result, private metalsmiths like Brasher contracted with colonies to strike their coins. The design of these coins is similar to the design of popular coins of the period, such as Spanish dubloons.

#4. Edward III Florin 1343 – $6.8 Million

By far the oldest coin on this list, as well as most other lists of valuable coins in the world, the age of this coin is a big part of what makes it so valuable. There are currently only three known examples of this coin left in the world. When you consider that it’s been around for over 670 years, the fact that any have been found at all makes this coin a treasure.

#3. 1787 Brasher Doubloon – “E.B.” on Breast – $7,395,000

This coin was minted in 1787 by Ephraim Brasher, a silversmith, and goldsmith in New York City, and predates the operations of the U.S. Mint. At the time of its minting, it contained about $15 worth of gold. Unlike the previous 1787 Brasher Doubloon that has the minter’s stamp on the eagle’s wing, this coin sports his mark on the breast of the eagle.

#2. 1933 Double Eagle -$7,590,020

The 1933 Double Eagle is a $20 gold coin and is one of the rarest coins in the world. Although nearly half a million coins were ordered to be minted, the stresses of the Great Depression kept them from being circulated, and all but two were ordered to be melted down. However, around 20 coins were believed to have been rescued from smelting. Nine were recovered, which leaves 13 known examples, only one of which is privately owned.

#1. 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar – $10,016,875

The Flowing Hair dollar coin was the first dollar coin issued by the U.S. federal government and was minted for only two years. Its size and weight are identical to the Spanish coin of the time, which was popular for trade in the Americas. It is technically a perfect coin, especially for the time, and the most valuable examples have a mirrorlike finish that dazzles collectors. The sale of this coin for over 10 million dollars set a world record for the purchase of a single coin.

Cash Loans Near You: A Guide to Finding the Best Place Near You to Get a Loan

Cash Loans Near You: A Guide to Finding the Best Place Near You to Get a Loan

Do you need some quick cash? In these trying and uncertain times, the chances are good that you may find yourself in a financial pinch, due to no fault of your own. Regardless of the reason, be it job loss, an unexpected bill, or other, Central Mega Pawn can help when you need a loan. To help you get through the coming weeks or months of uncertainty, keep reading to find out what is the best place near you to get a cash loan.

Options for your cash loan

When you need some quick cash, there are generally several options available to you. We will list them here to give you a bigger picture of what’s out there:

  • Personal loan – this is a loan granted to you by another person, such as a friend or family member. These can be risky, as they can put a strain on a relationship.
  • Payday advance – payday advances can be dangerous because of their astronomical interest rates and lack of regulation. Far too many people get stuck in a vicious cycle when it comes to payday advance loans.
  • Cash advance – this is a service offered by most credit cards that allow you to withdraw money through an ATM or in-person at a bank to be paid back later, like any other purchase made with a credit card. Cash advances are also dangerous because they feature high-interest rates and can put your credit score at risk.
  • Bank Loan – obtaining a bank loan is another risky venture because it requires you to have significant collateral, such as your home or vehicle. Also, there can be a lengthy application process, which not only takes time but may result in you being denied the cash you need. Bank loans also put your credit at risk and may keep you from being considered from loans in the future.
  • Pawn loan – a pawn loan is one of the safest forms of loan there is. Among the many positive attributes of a pawnshop loan, you are not putting at risk any relationships with a family member or loved one, nor is your credit score in danger of plummeting.

Why get a cash loan at your local pawn shop?

Your local pawn shop is the best place near you when you need a cash loan. This is because:

  • Pawn shops are part of your community – unlike big banks, pawnshops can be flexible with interest rate and loan terms. Pawnshops like Central Mega Pawn have your best interest in mind. It is our mission to go above and beyond every time.
  • No applications or credit checks – you will not have to fill out an application, then wait for approval while your bills continue to pile up. Nor will you have to submit to a credit check. With a pawn loan, you come into our shop in need and leave with cash in hand in minutes.
  • Pawn loans are safe – a pawn shop will not loan you more money than you can realistically expect to pay back. In fact, according to the National Pawnbrokers Association, a majority of people who take out a pawn loan repay them on time. This makes it more likely that you will repay your loan and regain possession of your item.
  • Pawn loans do not affect your credit – because your pawn loan is secured by the value of an item that you own, there is no need for it to affect your credit. This is significant because a low credit score can harm your chances of qualifying for fundamental things like housing and employment.

How it works

  1. You bring us your item plus your identification.
  2. Our professionals evaluate the monetary value of your item and will offer a loan based on that value.
  3. We carefully go over the loan terms with you.
  4. Get your cash!
  5. You repay your loan and reclaim your item! If you cannot repay, we simply keep your item and resell it, with no additional penalty to you.

What kind of things can you pawn to get a cash loan?

Almost anything of value can help you get the cash you need! However, every pawn shop is as different in the community it serves. At Central Mega Pawn, we love dealing in:

Plus, so much more! The best way to get an idea of the type of items we tend to have is to visit us.

How do I pawn an item to get cash?

  • Do your homework – Before you bring us your item, do your research to find out how much you can expect it to be appraised for. You can look at recent sales on sites like eBay, or other person-to-person sites or apps.
  • Clean it up – Whatever you plan on bringing in, make it look as clean and presentable as possible. The easier you make it for us to resell potentially, the more willing we will be to offer you a loan against its value.
  • Be realistic – Once you’ve got an idea of the value of your item, figure on an offer of about 40 – 60% of that number. Most pawnshops will be willing to negotiate, but they must make a profit on every item in the shop to keep their doors open. Also, keep in mind that we will not be able to make an offer on broken, obsolete, or stolen goods.

Why is Central Mega Pawn the best choice?

For over twenty-five years, Central Mega Pawn has been the pawnshop of choice for people throughout the Inland Empire. We have the experience and resources to help you get the cash you need in minutes. We are proud to serve our community and abide by all federal and state regulations. Visit us today to see how we can help you!