Do Pawn Shops in Ontario Buy or Sell Ancient Coins? (Yes, they do!)

Do Pawn Shops in Ontario Buy or Sell Ancient Coins? (Yes, they do!)

Coin collectors know that pawnshops are an excellent place to find coins. With so many people constantly on the hunt for new coins for their collections, pawn shops are also a wonderful place to buy and sell unique coins. So if you’re in the Inland Empire, and you’re wondering if pawn shops in Ontario buy or sell ancient coins, the answer is yes! Central Mega Pawn is the perfect place to buy or sell a variety of currencies. Here’s what to know about buying or selling coins at a pawn shop.

History of Coin Collecting

Although the first U.S. Mint in the U.S. was established in 1792, coins have been in circulation for thousands of years. In fact, the oldest coin on record dates back more than 2,700 years. Although coins were originally used as a form of currency, collecting coins as a hobby or passion also goes back to ancient times, with some historians believing that Augustus Caesar was a coin collector.

So if you’re a current coin collector, or thinking about getting started collecting coins, you’re in good company. People collect coins for a variety of reasons. Some enjoy the challenge of searching for ancient coins. Others find it an easy hobby to begin. Some collectors buy and sell coins to make money, and others love learning the history of various coins they find.

Whether you’re an experienced collector, or just getting started, you’ll find pawnshops to be an excellent place to find rare, antique and even ancient coins. Alternatively, if you’re looking to sell old coins or currency, you are likely to find that pawnshops are interested in buying them!

Why Should I Look for Ancient Coins at a Pawn Shop?

If you’ve never considered checking a pawn shop for ancient and collectible coins, you are probably missing out on rare finds. At reputable, established pawnshops including Central Mega Pawn, you’ll find an impressive inventory of coins. Pawnshops cater to their customers, which means they buy things that they know their customers will buy from them, including ancient coins, international coins, collectible coins, and currency.

Moreover, savvy sellers know that they can often get a great price for a coin collection that has been inherited or sets of coins they no longer want. Because Central Mega Pawn has an excellent reputation for offering top dollar for coins, smart sellers visit us first. With a healthy base of customers who love coins, it only makes sense that we maintain an impressive, ever-changing inventory of ancient coins, foreign coins, and American coins including dimes, nickels, quarters, and dollars. Feel free to visit our online store at any time to view or purchase the coins we have available in Ontario.

Tips for Buying Ancient Coins at a Pawn Shop

When heading out to a pawn shop to look for coins to add to your collection, it is helpful to plan ahead. Here are a few tips that can help your trip to the pawn shop be a success:

  • Plan on negotiating
  • Bring cash instead of credit cards
  • Determine your maximum budget
  • Shop from reputable, regulated pawnshops only

Selling Ancient Coins in Ontario

If you’ve inherited coins, or simply found an unusual coin mixed in with other change, you may be able to sell it to Central Mega Pawn in Ontario. We regularly purchase individual coins, and collections because we have many customers who are passionate coin collectors. We love being able to give our customers what they want, so we buy ancient coins, American coins, and foreign coins all year long. Buying coins regularly helps keep our inventory fresh and exciting for collectors. That’s why you should never ignore any unusual coins you own. Instead, bring them to Central Mega Pawn to see if you might just cash in on them.

Tips for Selling Coins to Pawn Shops

If you’re interested in selling collectible or antique coins at a pawn shop in Ontario, keep in mind the following tips to get the best price for your coins.

  • Do NOT clean your coins. Tap water that contains fluoride can damage the coins.
  • Research the coin(s) you intend to sell.
  • Keep the coins in the packages if you have them.
  • Only sell to a reputable, established pawn shop.

Can You Pawn Ancient Coins at a Pawn Shop?

You may be able to pawn coins at a pawn shop, but you’ll need to take them in for evaluation. A pawn loan is a great way to get cash on the spot if you’re in a financial bind. If the pawn shop accepts your coin, you’ll receive a pawn loan detailing the loan repayment plan. Once you repay the loan, your coin(s) will be returned to you.

At Central Mega Pawn, we keep our pawn loans simple, and compliant with CA law. We offer four-month terms. However, if you need longer to pay back the loan, we can renew or extend the length of the loan, as long as you keep current with the interest payments. A pawn loan won’t affect your credit, and the pawn loan will be kept confidential.

Central Mega Pawn is a Great Place to Buy or Sell Coins

Central Mega Pawn is one of the largest and most reputable pawn shops in the Inland Empire. At our shop in Ontario, you’ll find a friendly, experienced team that has decades of experience in valuing items, purchasing items, and providing pawn loans. We buy and sell ancient and collectible coins along with many other items including jewelry, electronics, musical instruments, antiques, sporting equipment, and more.

Serving customers from Ontario, Pomona, Upland, Claremont, Rancho Cucamonga, Montclair, San Dimas, La Verne, Chino Hills, Chino, and Alta Loma, Central Mega Pawn is open 7 days a week from 8:30 am – 6:00 pm. We are a Trusted Lender with the California Pawnbrokers Association, and we are conveniently located on Central Avenue between Howard Street and Mission Blvd in Ontario.

You may also shop our inventory online, or follow us on Facebook for a preview of new items that come in. We look forward to meeting you!

Buying, Selling or Pawning Antique Clocks and Pocket Watches: A Guide

Buying, Selling or Pawning Antique Clocks and Pocket Watches: A Guide

If you’re a collector of antiques, or if you’re the owner of old items you don’t use, such as clocks or pocket watches, we’d love to have you visit Central Mega Pawn, conveniently located in the Inland Empire. Some items you’ve inherited or found in storage may just be worth a pretty penny. At our leading pawn shop in Ontario, we have a loyal client base of antique collectors, who are on the lookout for collectibles, and regularly visit our shop. Here’s a guide outlining what you need to know about buying, selling, or pawning antique clocks and pocket watches.

Buying Antique Clocks and Pocket Watches at a Pawn Shop

If you’ve been into antiquing for a while, you already know that you can find bona fide treasures in pawn shops. Sellers who need money quickly frequently come to pawn shops for immediate cash for items they no longer want.

Because we strive to have something for everyone in our shop, we are always on the lookout for that perfect antique clock, or antique pocket watch, that we know one of our regulars would love to own. As a shopper on the hunt for collectible antiques, this means that the inventory in pawn shops, including Central Mega Pawn, is constantly changing. So you’ll want to visit frequently.

In addition to regularly buying antique clocks and pocket watches, we also purchase many other antiques, including:

  • Art (paintings, sculptures, etc.)
  • Coins
  • Currency
  • Dishware
  • Film Memorabilia
  • Games
  • Jewelry
  • Musical Instruments
  • Sewing Machines
  • Silverware/flatware
  • Sports Memorabilia
  • Typewriters
  • Writing tools (fountain pens, etc.)
  • Much more

Bottom line: when you’re on the hunt for an antique clock, pocket watch or any other antique, don’t forget to visit Central Mega Pawn.

Selling Antique Clocks and Pocket Watches at a Pawn Shop

If you’ve inherited items that you won’t use, it’s smart to bring them to a pawn shop for same-day cash. The items will be evaluated, and based on current customer needs, you may receive an offer on the spot for your antique clock or pocket watch. Our team of eagle-eyed professionals knows what antique collectors are looking for in specific items, and if yours meets these needs, we’ll offer you immediate cash.

Some of the most in-demand items from antique collectors include antique clocks and pocket watches, so before you throw away items you’ve inherited, bring them to us. You may just walk out with a nice payment for items you had planned to discard. In addition to antique clocks and pocket watches, be sure to bring us your old jewelry, old coins, old artwork, instruments, tools, household decor items, and more. As the saying goes, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, and you should make sure you’re not missing out on money when you offload old items.

Pawning Antique Clocks and Pocket Watches

If you find yourself in a cash crunch, you will be happy to know that you may be holding on to items that could earn you cash fast. Even better, you don’t have to sell the item. At Central Mega Pawn, we are happy to consider your antique items for a pawn loan. We may accept antique items as collateral, including clocks, pocket watches, jewelry, place settings, coins, and much more. If we agree to extend a pawn loan for your watch or clock, you can expect immediate cash and an easy-to-repay pawn loan.

How does a pawn loan for an antique work?

A pawn loan for an antique clock or pocket watch is structured the same way all pawn loans are structured. We will examine your item, determine the value, and make you an offer on a loan. If you accept the loan and terms, you will leave our pawn shop, with cash in your hand.

Already have another pawn loan? That is not a problem. There is no limit on the amount you can borrow from Central Mega Pawn, and there is no limit on the number of loans you may have at one time. All pawn loans come with a four-month repayment plan. However, if you need to extend or renew your loan, we can work with you, so long as the interest is always paid in full. Once you’ve made all payments in full, the item or items you’ve pawned will be returned to you.

You can also feel comfortable knowing that a pawn loan will not have any impact on your credit report. Likewise, all pawn loans remain confidential, so no one but you will know about the loan. You will also take comfort in knowing that all interest rates and terms of your loan are regulated by the state of California.

Reasons to Visit Pawn Shops to Buy, Sell, or Pawn Antiques

If you have never visited a pawn shop, you may not realize how many benefits pawnbrokers offer. Here is a look at some of the many reasons that a pawnshop is a great place to buy, sell, or pawn antiques.

  • You do not need to make an appointment–just come on in
  • You won’t get sky-high interest rates on a loan like you would from a payday lender
  • Our inventory is always changing
  • We buy a huge variety of items, from antique typewriters to coins
  • Loan repayment terms are easy to understand
  • Pawn loans can be extended if you need extra time to pay off the loan
  • We offer discretion–no one will know you took out a loan
  • You can find one-of-a-kind pieces
  • Items you can’t sell elsewhere can be sold in pawnshops
  • Pawnshops are safer than selling with Craigslist
  • Your credit is not impacted by taking out a pawn loan
  • We will not run your credit to qualify you for a loan
  • No need to package and ship items like you do with online selling sites
  • You get to leave with your item, rather than wait for it to come in the mail

At Central Mega Pawn, we look forward to helping you find the collectible item you’re looking for or give you cash on the spot for an antique clock or pocket watch. For your convenience, we are open 7 days a week. Central Mega Pawn is located in Ontario and proudly serves the entire Inland Empire and beyond!

Pawn Shops vs Sporting Goods Retailers How to Choose

Pawn Shops vs Sporting Goods Retailers How to Choose

Bikes, Weights, Fishing poles, Golf clubs, Snowboards, Hunting gear. Although this could easily be an inventory of items carried by sporting goods retailers, it’s also an accurate representation of items you’re likely to find at a pawn shop. Yes, you read right. When you’re shopping for sports equipment, you could be missing out on incredible deals if you don’t first visit Central Mega Pawn.

Likewise, if you’ve got sporting goods equipment you no longer use, you could be losing money by selling them to a used sporting goods retailer. Here’s a look at pawn shops vs. sporting goods retailers, and how to choose which is best for your needs.

Buying Sporting Goods at a Pawn Shop

If you’ve never visited a pawnshop you’re likely to be surprised by the selection of new and pre-owned sporting goods we carry. From hiking tents to camping gear, to equipment for virtually every sport, along with hunting gear, pawnshops often carry a trove of goods you can purchase for incredible prices.

Even better, at shops like Central Mega Pawn, you can shop online for items, at our online store, where you’ll find hundreds of sporting goods items for sale. Better still, you’re likely to find other items you didn’t know you needed until you saw them. For example, we carry miscellaneous tent spikes, Go-Pro cameras, repair kits, and hobby items including remote control cars, helicopters, and off-road vehicles. We also have a nice variety of tools.

Plus, you may find the perfect gift for a loved one’s upcoming birthday. After all, pawn shops also carry gold, silver, and platinum jewelry, art, antiques, collectibles, coins, instruments, and much more. So be sure to head to the pawnshop, before heading to the sporting goods retailers. For many shoppers, pawn shops provide the ultimate in one-stop shopping.

Tips for Getting a Great Deal When Buying from a Pawn Shop

There are a few things you can do to ensure you get a great deal on sporting goods you buy from a pawnshop. Here are some things to keep in mind, before shopping at a pawn shop.

  • Be prepared to negotiate
  • Bring cash
  • Do your research before you go
  • Set a budget and stick to it
  • Only shop from reputable, regulated pawnshops

Selling Your Old Sporting Goods Items at a Pawn Shop

If you have used fishing poles, bicycles, tennis rackets, ball mitts, golf clubs, or more that you no longer want or need, you can earn money by selling them to a pawnshop.

The market forecast for sporting goods items is favorable, in part due to the coronavirus pandemic. With a focus on personal health taking priority for so many, the used sporting goods industry is poised for growth. That means that there are buyers specifically searching for discounted sports gear.

Pawnbrokers are highly attuned to market demand. You’re likely to get a great offer on your sporting gear if you bring it to a pawnshop to sell.

Tips for Getting the Best Price on Your Sporting Goods

When planning to sell your sporting goods, there are a few things you can do to maximize your offer.

  • Clean your gear, to show it in its best light
  • Research the current value of the item or comparable items
  • Inflate tires on your bike
  • Bring the original packaging if you have it
  • Know the lowest amount you’ll accept before you go
  • Only sell to leading pawnshops, which are regulated by California

Pawning Your Sporting Goods

If you find yourself in a financial crunch and need cash fast, consider pawning some of your sporting equipment. A pawn loan can provide you with instant cash, and you don’t have to give up your item.

Pawn loans at Central Mega Pawn in Claremont come with easy-to-understand loan repayment terms. Your item will be examined, and considered by one of our trained employees. If we choose to accept your item, a loan offer will be made. All pawn loans at Central Mega Pawn are highly regulated by the State of California.

Your pawn loan will be broken down into four payments. However, if you need extra time to repay the loan and reclaim your item, we’re happy to work with you. Just be sure you stay current on the interest, and we can renew or extend your loan.

A pawn loan for your bike that is collecting dust, your fishing gear you haven’t used all season, or golf clubs that you haven’t swung in months can help you out of a financial pinch.

Sporting Goods Items We Buy and Sell

At Central Mega Pawn, we strive to have something for everyone. So we buy and sell all types of sporting goods. Some, but not all of the fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, and sports equipment we buy and sell includes:

  • Archery sets
  • At-home gyms
  • Beach cruisers
  • Billiards sets
  • Bowling balls
  • BMX bikes
  • Climbing gear (Harnesses, Gloves)
  • Metal detectors
  • Mitts
  • Motorcycle helmets
  • Mountain bikes
  • Rackets
  • Rods, reels, tackle & bait
  • Scuba flippers, masks
  • Skateboards
  • Skis (snow and water)
  • Snowboards and bindings
  • Tactical gear
  • Much more

Pawnshops are a Great Place to Buy or Sell Sporting Goods

When you need money, look to a Central Mega Pawn for help. As one of the largest and most reputable pawn shops in the Inland Empire, our experienced team has decades of experience in valuing items, purchasing items, and providing pawn loans. Serving Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Claremont, Fontana, San Dimas, and surrounding communities, we are open 7 days a week from 8:30 am – 6:00 pm.

When you’re shopping for sporting equipment, be sure you visit us first. We often offer top-of-the-line gear for a fraction of the cost you’ll pay at a traditional, or even used sporting goods retailer.

You can shop our huge inventory of items for sale online. You can also follow us on Facebook to see new inventory as it comes in. However, we always love meeting new friends and customers, so please stop by in person. You’ll be glad you did!

The How’s and Why’s of Getting a Personal Loan

The How’s and Why’s of Getting a Personal Loan

When you need quick cash to catch up on bills or to cover an unexpected expense, a personal loan might be the lifeline you need. But, before you sign on the dotted line, remember that not all personal loans are the same. At Central Mega Pawn, we want to help our community stay informed of their options when it comes to getting the cash they need; so, keep reading for some helpful information on what personal loans really are, and why a pawn loan might be the right choice for you.

What is a personal loan?

Generally speaking, a personal loan is money borrowed from a lender. The lender can be a bank, which covers credit card advances as well as traditional banks, or a payday advance company, or even another person. Usually, the amount is repaid with interest within a mutually agreed upon period, which may be anywhere from weeks to years.

How can I get a personal loan?

Applying for a loan from a traditional lender like a bank requires you to provide lots of personal information, such as your employment history, as well as submitting to a credit check. If your application is approved, you must then wait for the funds to be deposited into your account. Borrowing via a credit card advance is much simpler, but also financially risky, as interest rates for credit card cash advances are astronomical.

When might a personal loan NOT be right for me?

If you have less than perfect credit, or do not have a long history with your bank, getting a personal loan may not be worth the time. This is because you will face higher than normal interest rates, which may end up costing you much more than you intended to spend in the long run.

What is a pawn loan, and why might that be better for me?

A pawn loan is a quick and easy way to borrow money; there is no credit check or application, and no wait times for forms to be approved. A pawn loan is a secured loan, which means that the risk of granting you the loan is taken care of by the value of the item you pawn.

Your loan amount is based on the value of the item you pawn.

For example, if you own a designer luxury watch, you can bring it to your local pawn shop, where your pawnbroker will appraise its value. Once the value is determined, your pawnbroker will offer you a loan for a fraction of the value, as well as interest rate, repayment terms, etc. If you decide to accept the loan and the terms, you get cash in hand in minutes.

When you repay your loan within the time frame of the contract, you would get your watch back. In this way, your watch can act as a lifeline repeatedly when you need quick and easy cash. If you do not repay your loan, your pawnbroker resells your watch, and your transaction is completed. There is no harm to your credit, and you will not owe additional money.

Here are some basics of pawnshop loans that you should know:

  • They’re usually for small amounts – The average pawnshop loan in the U.S. is for about $150.
  • Pawn loans will never affect your credit – Obtaining a pawn loan does not require a credit check and your credit score will not be taken into consideration. Also, if you do not repay your pawn loan, your credit score will not suffer.
  • Repayment periods are usually short – Repayment terms vary, but borrowers usually have 30 to 90 days to repay a pawn loan and reclaim their item.

Why a pawn loan?

Pawn loans are an attractive option for people who do not want to risk their credit score, or do not have access to traditional forms of funding. Pawn loans also tend to have relatively low-interest rates. They are lower than title loans or payday advances, the rates of which can be up to 4 times higher than the rate of a pawn loan. Pawn loans are also the fastest way to get cash. Your local pawnshop can get you the cash you need in a matter of minutes.

How can I get a pawn loan?

First, figure out the worth of your items. Pawnshops generally buy and sell all kinds of things, from tools to guitars, but your item must be in demand. Your local pawn shop will likely be most interested in items like:

  • Laptops
  • Watches
  • Jewelry
  • Video games and video game consoles
  • Sports equipment
  • Tools

Then, research the value of your item. You can look at recently completed sales on auction sites or see what other people are selling the item for. The more informed you are about the value of your item, the more you will know what you can expect from your local pawnbroker. Generally, you can expect about 40% of the appraised value, but this varies on a case-by-case basis, as every pawnshop transaction is unique!

Next, make your items presentable and gather any paperwork, manuals, original packaging, etc. that you can. The more complete your item is, the higher it will be appraised. Whenever possible, give your item a good, safe clean. No one wants to deal with dusty items!

How can Central Mega Pawn help me with a pawn loan?

Central Mega Pawn offers the Inland Empire’s best experience when it comes to getting quick cash for your items. We are community oriented, meaning that serving our neighbors is one of our highest priorities. We make every effort to offer the highest amount possible on every loan, because we are here to help you. Central Mega Pawn is a safe and helpful alternative to more risky forms of borrowing, such as payday advance loans and other predatory lenders. Also, we have a bustling online store, which means that our customer base is far-reaching. It also means that your item may be more in demand than you think! Visit us today to see how we can help you get the money you need in a matter of minutes!

How to Get the Best Price When I Sell My Gold Jewelry to a Pawn Shop

How to Get the Best Price When I Sell My Gold Jewelry to a Pawn Shop

Broken, unwanted or unneeded jewelry is a conundrum for many people. Whether you need some quick cash or have a bundle of jewelry that no longer fits your style, the best place to take your unwanted, unneeded or broken jewelry is to your local pawnshop.

Local pawn shops offer a faster, more convenient way to sell your jewelry compared to other alternatives. For example, selling your jewelry at a yard sale is time consuming, and you may get much less than you expect. Meanwhile, mail-in services are infamous for offering extremely low rates and poor customer service.

When you sell your jewelry at your local pawnshop, you will be dealing with a pro. Most pawnbrokers, such as Central Mega Pawn, have certified gemologists or jewelers in-house that can quickly and accurately determine the value of your jewelry. This helps you get the most for your items.

Here’s how to get the most value for your jewelry when you sell at your local pawnshop:

Do your homework

A common mistake that pawnbrokers all over the country encounter is customers assuming that all jewelry is in demand and highly valuable. Save yourself some aggravation and research your type of jewelry, and what it is currently selling for. Also, keep in mind that fake jewelry, costume jewelry, and stolen jewelry are never in demand and will not receive an offer.

It will also help if you research the purity and karat of the precious stones in your jewelry, as well as the current market value for precious metals like gold and silver. Finding out this info is not as difficult as many people think! Here’s a quick guide to finding that info and how it will come into play when you bring your jewelry to your local pawnshop:

  • Find the karat of your Jewelry – Is the measure of the purity of gold. This factor tells potential buyers and sellers how much of additional materials are contained in the jewelry. Although there are always exceptions, generally speaking, the higher the karat, the greater the value. Usually, there is a stamp somewhere on your jewelry indicating the karat.
  • Look up current market value – There are many helpful websites that track the daily changes in the value of gold and silver. Before you bring in your jewelry to your local pawnshop, take a look at the market value so that you have a general idea of what your pawnbroker will be taking into considerations.
  • Know popular brands – Jewelry by popular designers, or rare pieces from designers, can often be worth more. This is because many items of jewelry bought by pawnshops winds up being sold as scrap or melted down – fine pieces of designer jewelry, on the other hand, are ready to sell as-is. This translates to faster money for your pawnbroker, and a higher offer for you.

Why your local pawnshop is your best local buyer for you

When you sell to private citizens, jewelry shops, or through a website, you are taking a risk, because there is very little regulation to protect you from fraud. When you sell to a pawnshop, however, you are dealing with experienced professionals who comply with all local and federal regulations. Additionally, because most pawnshops are mainstays in their communities, they are motivated to treat every customer fairly.

Do pawn shops also buy silver or platinum jewelry?

Yes! Most pawn shops also deal with and will be interested in jewelry made of silver and platinum, and that also have other precious items like pearls or authentic gems.

What about selling jewelry broken?

Pawnshops can also make offers on your broken jewelry. However, keep in mind that the valuation of broken jewelry will be based more on the purity of the metals than on any other factor. This is because, when an item of jewelry cannot be repaired, it will be melted down.

How do precious stones, such as diamonds and rubies, affect my offer?

Precious stones or gemstones are often valued separately. Gems like diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and the like are appraised on factors like:

  • Carat – As is with gold, gemstones are valued based on their weight and purity. Central Mega Pawn proudly uses a jewelry scale on site, which helps us quickly determine an exact weight.
  • Color – Every gemstone is unique in color, so the color of your gemstone is an important factor in determining the value. Demand may vary depending on the type of stone’s color. For example, diamonds with a yellow-ish tint are not as in demand as pristine diamonds.
  • Shape & size – A gemstone of considerable size can fetch high offers. Similarly, unusually shaped gems tend to be appraised higher, because they tend to be rare specimens and highly desirable for collectors and jewelers alike.
  • Cut & polish – Particularly in the case of diamonds, a gemstone’s cut determines how much light it reflects and how much sparkle it will have. The more intricate the cut, the higher the workmanship on display, which influences the value of the stone.

However, despite all of these factors that we have just described, every pawnshop will have their own way of determining value. So, before you bring your jewelry in to your local pawnshop, give them a call or send them an email requesting information on how they appraise jewelry before they buy, as well as what is in demand in their store. Getting the highest possible offer may take some effort on your part, but it will be well worth it when you get your cash in hand.

As you can see, your local pawnbroker is likely the best option when you want to get the most money for your jewelry. Your local pawnbroker is knowledgeable, safe, and eager to help the members of their community. If you are looking to sell your jewelry in or around Ontario, Pomona, Upland or the surrounding communities in the Inland Empire, give the professionals at Central Mega Pawn a call today!