Do Pawn Shops in the Inland Empire Buy and Sell Hermès Designer Watches?

Do Pawn Shops in the Inland Empire Buy and Sell Hermès Designer Watches?

Hermès is a name that goes a long way back. Your ancestors may remember them for their exquisitely crafted leather goods and their art stays true to this day. You don’t need to be a serious collector to see the value in such beauty. The moment you lay your eyes upon a Hermès watch, you’ll understand all that you need to know as you struggle to break free from it’s mesmerizing features. Residents of the Inland Empire can buy and sell their Hermès designer watches at a trusty pawn shop as long as you know where to look.

The Hermès Legacy Grows Strong

The Hermès name is one that will forever go down in history. Where many brands have only been around for mere decades, this renowned company has been expertly crafting high-end pieces for over a century. For this reason alone, their watches are among the most sought-after around the globe.

An Honorable Reputation

Dating all the way back to 1837, Thierry Hermès began his business creating harnesses and saddles that the locals absolutely yearned for. It was everything they wanted in a smooth and luxurious ride which earned a well-deserved award thirty years later. A couple generations down the line, Émile Hermès introduced the company to watchmaking in 1928 and the brand’s name had skyrocketed in popularity ever since.

Being around for over 150 years, the Hermès company history is an impressive one to say the least. The brand continues to innovate, their most recent accomplishment being the release of their lip products in 2020. It’s safe to say that Hermès will continue to thrive as long as they keep their future on the horizon.

Indescribable Beauty

Hermès watches are recognized for their gorgeous simplicity. You can especially see their knack for design in the popular Cape Cod design, unifying modesty, functionality, and satisfying aesthetic all in one seamless motion.

Because design means so much to the brand, the artistic department is branched into specialized categories. Aside from the overall general director, there are ten teams each dedicated to a significant aspect of the company’s repertoire:

  • Hermès Horizons
  • Hermès Horloger
  • Men’s silk
  • Shoe and jewelry collections
  • Home universe
  • Hermès Parfums
  • Men’s universe
  • Women’s silk
  • Women’s ready-to-wear
  • Petith

Each of these groups are led by their own artistic and creative director to gracefully design products that never cease to amaze the people who love their work.

Innovative Spirit

As you can see with how the Hermès brand began their journey with saddles rather than watches, their designers continue to tread unfamiliar waters to find more ways to appeal to their fans so they may incorporate more of the company into their everyday lives. Being six generations deep into impeccable entrepreneurship, the French-based business also crafts various leather goods, make up, hats, and full apparel.

In a successful effort to keep up with the times, Hermès collaborated with Apple to create a designer band for the Apple Watch which went completely viral. Having one of these stylish, modern bands is sure to get you compliments wherever you go.

Buying and Selling Hermès Watches

As you can probably figure out from learning about what makes the brand so incredible, Hermès watches cost enough to make a dent in anyone’s bank account unless you know where to look. On the contrary, owning a Hermès watch can fetch you some decent cash if taken to the right place.

Buying a Hermès Watch

Hermès prides itself in its global online store, but like negotiating the ticket price on a car, buying a watch should be more flexible than submitting to the set retail price. When you go to a pawn shop, inventory prices are negotiable because although the pieces are like new, they each have their own unique backstory that can factor into the value. So if you’re looking to own a quality Hermès watch, this is the best method for saving a few extra bucks.

Arceau Petite Lune Price Comparison

Retail Price Est.Pawn Shop Price Est.

There’s no denying that purchasing from a pawn shop is a way better deal, and you won’t even have to give up quality because a good dealer will make sure that each piece is in the best shape before it goes under the glass. For almost half the price, it really is a no-brainer!

Selling a Hermès Watch

A Hermès watch can pack your wallet, but where would you even sell it? Posting a listing online is never a good idea because buyers will always look for the cheapest option and undervalue your watch. Not only that, but there are even more problems that come from selling online. If you take it to a reputable pawn shop, any expert evaluating your piece will appreciate the value and buy it from you for what it’s actually worth.

When looking for a reputable pawn shop to trust with your sales transaction, here are a few things to consider:

  • How long the business has been established
  • The amount and quality of their reviews
  • Their willingness to negotiate prices
  • Certifications and other acknowledgements
  • Friendliness among the staff

Finding a local pawn shop with all of these traits is not as hard as it seems. Before you go off spending precious time on unnecessary research, read ahead to discover the best place to go in the Inland Empire.

Inland Empire Pawn Shops

Where in the Inland Empire can you go that is trustworthy, safe, and friendly? Central Mega Pawn has designer watch experts that you can count on and they’ll always give you the best possible price for you whether you’re looking to buy or sell your Hermès watch. Their sheer number of positive reviews speak for themselves and they’ve been happily serving the area for over ten years so they have a great relationship with the local community. When you go to Central Mega Pawn, you can rest easy knowing that you’re in good hands.

Call Central Mega Pawn today at (909) 627-9622 or come visit 11031 South Central Avenue in Ontario, California for the best pawn shop experience in the Inland Empire!

Do Pawn Shops Buy and Sell Authentic Chanel Handbags?

Do Pawn Shops Buy and Sell Authentic Chanel Handbags?

Chanel bags are more than just beautiful handbags. They are statement pieces, and for many collectors, a bona fide investment. Most Chanel bags increase in value over time. In fact, they are often recognized as the leading designer handbag, worth their investment. Ranging in price from $2,000 to more than $200,000, authentic Chanel handbags are hot ticket items at some pawnshops. While pawnshops in the middle of the country may not buy and sell these high-price items, in markets such as Southern California, where pawnbrokers have access to inventory from the local community, pawnshops do buy and sell authentic Chanel handbags.

Why Shop for Designer Bags at Pawn Shops

A pawn shop may not be the first place that comes to mind when you’re thinking of treating yourself or a loved one to a luxury item. Here are the reasons why they should be the first place you shop when looking for a designer item.

1. Authentic Handbags are Cheaper at Pawn Shops

No matter what type of designer item you’re looking for, you’ll always pay a fraction of the full retail value. It is quite common to save 30%-50% on designer products.

2. Pawnshops May Carry Limited Edition, Rare Items

Because pawn shops get their inventory from their community, you never know what someone may bring in to sell. From vintage Chanel handbags to rare Swiss watches, to ancient coins for a collection, pawnshops don’t go to trade shows or buyer’s markets. They buy from their customers which means the inventory can come from virtually anywhere in the world. This also means that the inventory of designer items is turning over constantly. What you see in the shop on a Monday is unlikely to be what you see in the shop the following week.

3. Pawnshops are Easier on the Environment

It may be surprising to learn that pawnshops are more eco-friendly than traditional retailers. The inventory is hand-delivered to pawnshops, rather than boxed, wrapped, and shipped from across the country or world. Pawn shops are in the business of resale, so there is no further environmental impact from production or manufacturing, which can lead to pollution.

4. Reputable pawn shops will only sell authentic items

Pawn shops that want to stay in business will avoid selling fake items. The reason? Just like any other business, pawnbrokers want repeat customers and good word-of-mouth reviews. Tricking customers will only create a bad reputation, so honest pawnshops will avoid all knockoffs.

How to Know a Chanel Handbag is Authentic

When you’re looking for a Chanel handbag, it’s smart to include pawnshops as a potential source. Pawnshops offer significant savings on luxury items including watches, jewelry, and high-end handbags. However, you need to be smart about where you shop. You should also know what to look for when shopping for an expensive handbag. After all, there are countless knockoffs out there, and you don’t want to be fooled.

Established and successful pawn shops will employ people who know exactly what to look for to confirm that an item is authentic. When it comes to Chanel, there are many things shops will look for, to verify that the bag is authentic.


A telltale sign that a supposed Chanel bag is a knockoff is misaligned quilting. Chanel bags are known for their incredible quilted patterns which come in chevron, square, and diamond. On authentic Chanel bags, the quilting will always align perfectly. If the alignment is mismatched on the flap, or near a pocket, it is likely a fake.

Serial Numbers

Chanel uses either 6, 7, or 8 numbers in their serial numbers. Knock-off bags typically have an “authentication card” but, the serial number is often 9 or more numbers.

Lightweight Chain Straps

Another red flag that a Chanel bag is not authentic can be found in the straps. The signature chain that has been used in Chanel bags for decades is heavy. Those that have lightweight chains are not authentic.

Stitch Counts

On authentic Chanel quilted bags, each panel will have more than 8 stitches. Chanel insists on bags that do not bulge, so they use a high stitch count per panel. When looking for signs of authenticity, pawnbrokers know that less than eight stitches are a giveaway that the bag is a fake.


Chanel’s overlapping C-logo is one of the most recognized logos in the world. Known as the CC lock, this logo should always be straight and spaced evenly. The upper portion of the right C will overlap the upper left C. The left C will overlap the right C on the bottom. If the Cs overlap differently the bag is not authentic.

Bulges or Bumps

Chanel bags are known for being smooth and free of bumps or bulges. Any bulging on a bag will be a sign that the bag is fake. On the inside of the bag, the liner should be taught. Loose or sagging lining is common in knockoffs.

Upright Position

The premium design and production of Chanel bags mean that they will stand upright on their own. If you find a bag that is reported to be a Chanel, but it won’t stand properly, or it leans, it is a fake.

Authentic Chanel Handbags in the Inland Empire

Central Mega Pawn is a top-rated pawn shop in the Inland Empire. With a 4.9-star rating on Google, we aim to provide a premium customer experience at our pawn shop. In addition to buying and selling authentic Chanel handbags at our shop in Ontario, we also buy and sell handbags from other luxury designers such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Yves Saint Laurent, Fendi Chloe, Dior, Prada, and others.

As a locally owned and operated business, we serve Ontario, Pomona, Upland, and surrounding communities from our store located at 11031 Central Avenue, in Ontario. For your convenience, Central Mega Pawn is open seven days a week until 6 pm. We also list many of our items in our online store that you may shop 24/7.

How To Negotiate with Your Local Pawn Shop in 2022

How To Negotiate with Your Local Pawn Shop in 2022

As inflation continues to put a dent in the budgets of Americans, many are looking for ways to save money on purchases or make a bit of extra cash. One of the best places to accomplish both is at your local pawn shop. Pawnshops often carry designer jewelry, name-brand electronics, premium quality power tools, and luxury items such as watches, handbags that you can purchase for a fraction of the price you’d pay at a traditional retailer. The reason pawnshops can stock these in-demand items is that they are constantly buying hot ticket items. So if you’re looking to make some extra money in 200, follow these tips for negotiating at a pawn shop.

Selling Items to a Pawn Shop: How to Negotiate for the Best Price

You can turn most things of value into cash at a local pawn shop. But, to make sure you get the best offer for your items, follow these negotiation tips.

1. Clean The Item You Plan to Sell

Items that don’t show signs of wear and tear will get a better offer than items that are obviously used. So, if you’ve got unused sports equipment, handbags, power tools, or antiques, wipe them down before you take them into the pawnshop. If you have gold, platinum, or diamond jewelry you no longer wear, run some cold water over it, so that it is free of debris and smudging.

However, you need to be incredibly careful with items such as antiques, luxury watches, and coins. It’s best just to run a soft cloth over them, so as not to damage them with abrasive cleaners or brushes.

2. Look at the Pawn Shop’s Online Store

Pawnshops don’t carry too many of the same items in stock. So, if you’re considering selling a Louis Vuitton handbag, for example, check the pawn shop’s online store first. If they have a lot of the same type of handbag that you want to sell, you may want to look for another pawnshop. Or you may choose to sell a different item to that shop. For example, you may see that although they have three Vuitton bags, they don’t have many laptop computers, and you recently got a new tablet, so you’re considering selling your laptop. A quick peek at the inventory in their online store can let you know if your item may be one of a kind.

3. Know What Your Item is Worth

Before you attempt to sell anything at a pawn shop, you should have a ballpark estimate of what it is worth brand-new. Keep in mind that pawn shops will offer you a percentage of the value. By remembering this, it would save you from being disappointed if an offer made is much less than you hoped for. For example, if you have an item that retails for $1000, you should not expect the pawn shop to offer you $950. It also prevents you from looking like you don’t know what you’re doing when you’re selling an item.

4. Remember it’s Just Business

When negotiating at a pawn shop in 2022, try to remain detached, and non-emotional. Remember that just because a piece of jewelry has significant sentimental value to you, it may not have the same value to a pawn shop. Likewise, try not to take it personally if the pawn shop doesn’t make you an offer at all. This doesn’t mean you don’t have a nice item. It may just mean that they know what their customers want, and the item may not meet that demand, currently. Keep in mind that selling to a pawn shop is a business transaction, and nothing about it is meant to make you feel angry or upset.

5. Wait for the Shop to Make an Offer

When you take an item into a pawn shop to sell, it’s smart to let the pawnbroker make the first offer. Pawnbrokers buy and sell items every day, and they are comfortable with assigning a value to your item. If you take something in to sell, and immediately say, “I need $100 for this,” you could be shortchanging yourself because it’s possible the shop was going to offer you $150. So let them start the negotiations by making an offer, and then suggest 10-15% more than they offered.

Buying Items at a Pawn Shop: How to Negotiate for the Best Price

If you’re on the hunt for a gift for a loved one, a collectible to add to your collection, or a treat to spoil yourself, always check your local pawn shop first. You can often find the exact same items you’d find in department stores, hardware stores, and jewelry stores, but you’ll pay a fraction of the price. Follow these tips for negotiating a purchase at a pawnshop.

1. Look for Similar Items in Stock

If you’re at the pawn shop to buy a power drill or saw, and you see that they have half a dozen in stock, you can often get a great price. So, let the employee quote you a price, and then counteroffer at roughly 80% of their lowest prices. Then listen and consider meeting them in the middle. If they won’t budge at all, you should always be willing to walk away.

2. Have Cash with You

When negotiating for an item at a pawn shop, make sure you let the pawnbroker know that you have cash, and you’ll be paying cash. You may be able to get the shop to lower the price a bit more if you let them know you have cash with you.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Walk Away

If you reach an impasse with a pawnshop, don’t be afraid to walk away. Experienced pawnbrokers are good at reading people, and if they see that you’d rather walk away than pay the price they are offering, you may just convince them to drop the price a bit more.

Buy and Sell Items at the Inland Empire’s Top Rated Pawn Shop

Central Mega Pawn is the Inland Empire’s top-reviewed and fastest-growing pawnshop. From everyday household tools to luxury jewelry, watches, and electronics by the best brands, we buy and sell a wide variety of items every day. For your convenience, Central Mega Pawn is open seven days a week until 6 pm. We are located at 11031 Central Avenue, in Ontario.

Do Pawn Shops in Ontario Carry David Yurman Custom Jewelry? (Central Mega Pawn Does!)

Do Pawn Shops in Ontario Carry David Yurman Custom Jewelry? (Central Mega Pawn Does!)

Designer jewelry is always in demand. So successful pawnshops are always on the lookout for jewelry from the world’s most coveted designers, including David Yurman. If you’re looking for custom jewelry in Ontario from David Yurman and other top jewelry designers, read on for where you can find it.

What is David Yurman Custom Jewelry?

David Yurman custom jewelry is some of the most sought-after jewelry in the world. David Yurman and his wife Sylvia founded the American-based company in 2012. David Yurman jewelry is often made from gold and sterling silver, and many of his most famous pieces are mixed metal. Together with his wife, the two artists first ventured into the jewelry design industry in 1980. Inspired by mixing sculpture with art including paintings and sculpture, the longstanding leaders in luxury jewelry have been previously honored by the Museum of Arts and Sciences with the Visionary award.

David Yurman advertising made a huge splash when it hit the masses in 2000. Using supermodels Amber Valetta and Kate Moss, the burgeoning jewelry company made a bold statement, to complement their bold jewelry. Today, David Yurman jewelry graces the fingers, necks, wrists, and ears of celebrities including Charlize Theron and Brad Pitt. Indeed, David Yurman custom jewelry is synonymous with style, sophistication, and bold elegance.

David Yurman bracelets feature diamonds and gemstones, with mixed or single precious metals. Rings often blend yellow gold with sterling silver, diamonds, and unique materials including turquoise and tiger’s eye. Charms and amulets designed by the NY based jeweler are known to inspired by nature, sometimes featuring sand dollars, the timeless tree of life symbol, moon faces, and astrological signs.

David Yurman engagement rings often feature crossover styles, signifying the joining of two lives, while men’s wedding bands are available in black titanium, and forged carbon, often featuring unique angular shapes, rather than smooth, round bands.

How to Get the Best Price on Designer Jewelry at a Pawn Shop

If you’re shopping for David Yurman custom jewelry, or jewelry from other exclusive designers including Bulgari, Cartier, Chopard, Harry Winston, Rolex, or Tiffany & Co., follow these four tips to negotiate the best price.

1. Know the Item’s Worth

Before you go to a pawn shop for designer jewelry, it is wise to know how much the jewelry costs in retail stores. Pawn shops often discount jewelry by as much as 30%, so knowing what the current retail price is, can help you know what to expect. You should also try to determine if an item you’re looking for is a limited-edition piece. Exclusive, rare pieces will be worth more than pieces that were produced on a large scale.

2. Know the Current Values of Precious Metals

The price of gold and silver fluctuates daily, much like the stock market. The sales price is often linked to the current price of precious metals. Before you shop for gold or silver jewelry, it is helpful to know the current prices.

3. Make an Educated Offer

Designer jewelry is expensive. It is less expensive at a pawn shop, but you still can’t lowball an offer and expect to leave the shop with a premium piece of jewelry for next-to-nothing. You can start by offering 75-80% of the list price and begin negotiating from there. Keep in mind that luxury jewelry is always in demand, so most pawn shops won’t be in a hurry to sell for less than they know they can get for it. Be respectful, but don’t be afraid to offer a bit less than the list price.

4. Pay in Cash

If you’re negotiating for a great price on designer jewelry, make sure the pawnbroker knows that you intend to pay in cash. Cash payments help small, independently owned and operated businesses to avoid the hefty fees credit card companies charge them. To get the best deal on designer jewelry always make sure you have cash or can run to the bank to get the cash, once you agree on a price.

Why Buy Designer Jewelry?

Designer jewelry can be a smart investment, particularly during uncertain economic times. Designer jewelry tends to hold its value, compared to other jewelry by lesser-known makers. In fact, David Yurman is ranked by some experts as one of only five luxury jewelry designers (and the only contemporary designer) that make pieces that are especially good jewelry investments. Furthermore, it’s important to remember that certain pieces are limited edition, so they often become even more valuable over time.

Of course, designer jewelry also makes a huge statement. You’re not likely to show up to an event and find that three of your friends are also wearing the same piece. The exclusivity of designer jewelry makes it incredibly attractive to shoppers with discerning taste. Plus, those who follow high fashion and style will instantly recognize a piece you’re wearing as a silent status symbol.

If you’re buying high-end, designer jewelry as a gift, you can rest assured that the recipient will know just how much they mean to you. Receiving a limited-edition ring or bracelet from one of the world’s most celebrated jewelry designers is certain to wow your loved one.

Finally consider that premium designers don’t skimp on materials. On the contrary, top jewelry designers choose the best materials available. So the pieces you buy will be durable and maintain their eye-catching appearance for a lifetime in many cases.

Central Mega Pawn Carries David Yurman Custom Jewelry

At Central Mega Pawn in Ontario, near Pomona and Upland, we regularly buy designer jewelry to keep a large variety of designers in our inventory. On any given day, we may buy a Bulgari watch, a Tiffany & Co. necklace, a Cartier bracelet, or a David Yurman engagement ring. So stop in often to see the newest arrivals when we get them.

We’re conveniently located on S. Central Avenue in Ontario, and we’re open from 8:30 am -6:00 pm seven days a week. Follow us on Facebook to see in-demand added items when we get them.

Buying or Selling a Jaeger-LeCoultre Watch to a Pawn Shop:  What You Need to Know

Buying or Selling a Jaeger-LeCoultre Watch to a Pawn Shop: What You Need to Know

If you’re on the hunt for a new luxury watch, be sure you don’t run out and pay full price without shopping around. After all, you can often find a Jaeger-LeCoultre watch in excellent condition and at a significant discount at a pawn shop, if you know what you’re doing. Conversely, if you currently have a luxury watch you don’t use, and you could use some extra money, you can also find the perfect solution at a pawn shop. Intrigued? Read on for what you need to know about buying or selling a Jaeger-LeCoultre watch to a pawn shop.

What is a Jaeger-LeCoultre Watch?

Simply put, Jaeger-LeCoultre watches are exclusive, iconic Swiss watches. The brand dates to 1833 and was founded by Antoine LeCoultre. LeCoultre invented the Millionometre, which was the most precise measuring instrument in the world at the time. Today, most brand-new Jaeger-LeCoultre watches cost thousands of dollars, with the most affordable model starting at $3500. Known in elite circles as simply a “JLC,” Jaeger-LeCoultre watches are amongst the world’s most luxurious and consequently, in-demand watches.

Tips for Buying a Jaeger-LeCoultre Watch from a Pawnshop

If you’re ready to add to your watch collection, or splurge on one of the world’s most sophisticated, and valuable watches, consider buying a designer watch at a pawn shop. Just be sure to follow these tips for the best buying experience

1. Only Shop from Reputable Pawn Shops

When buying any high value item, it’s smart to shop from top-reviewed, and established pawn shops. You won’t have to worry about getting a knock-off or fake, and you won’t be dealing with amateurs who don’t recognize a great offer when they hear one.

2. Research Watch Values Before Shopping

Informed buyers are powerful buyers, and this is especially true when it comes to shopping for luxury items such as designer Swiss watches. Before you head to a pawn shop, familiarize yourself with current prices for the brand you’re interested in. That way, you’ll know what to expect when you’re in the shop. This can also help you with negotiations.

3. Visit the Pawnshop or Their Online Store Frequently

The inventory in pawnshops is changing constantly because they buy new items every day. So, if you’re looking for a luxury watch, it is smart to stop by the shop or visit their online store frequently. It is also smart to keep an eye on items you see in stock week after week. You may be able to get even bigger discounts on items that have been in stock for a long time.

4. Check for Authenticity

Reputable pawn shops don’t buy fakes, but you owe it to yourself to be a smart shopper, so be sure to look for a legible, clean Jaeger LeCoultre stamp on the watch. Another key indication that the watch is fake will be a second hand that jumps or ticks loudly.

5. Open Negotiations with a Reasonable Offer

Jaeger-LeCoultre watches are premium items, so they will command a premium price. Opening negotiations with your lowest offer will backfire. Instead, use what you know about values, and offer a percentage less than the list price. You may start with offering 75% of the sticker price. But opening with an offer of less than half what it is worth, for example will ensure you don’t leave the shop with the watch.

6. Offer to Pay with Cash Instead of a Card

Cash offers will be more seriously considered than a debit card or credit card offer. This is because the pawn shop will get charged a fee for credit cards, and it can take several days for the money to arrive in the shop’s accounts. Cash is your best bet when negotiating for a luxury item.

Tips for Selling a Jaeger-LeCoultre Watch to a Pawn Shop

If you’re ready to turn your Jaeger-LeCoultre into cash in Ontario, make sure you brush up on your negotiation skills before you head into the pawn shop. Here are 6 tips for negotiating and selling a luxury watch.

1. Gather Packaging

If you kept your watch box, and any certificates of authenticity, bring them with you. They can increase your offer, as the pawnshop will be able to sell your watch with its original packaging.

2. Clean and Confirm the Watch is Working

To show your luxury watch in its best light, make sure to wipe it down with a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive solutions or a toothbrush to clean the face as both can scratch the face. Make sure the watch is keeping accurate time as well. If necessary, have the battery replaced.

3. Know What It is Worth

A bit of online research will give you an idea of what your luxury watch is worth. But you need to remember that a pawn shop will only offer a percentage of what it’s worth. So do your research, and then remember that your offer will max out as a percentage of that worth.

4. Let the Pawnshop Make the First Offer

When showing a luxury watch to a pawnbroker, always let them make the first offer. Even with your research, it is possible you got inaccurate information.

5. Check for Similar Inventory

Before you head to the pawnshop, it is smart to look at their inventory in their online store. If a particular pawnshop you’re considering visiting has several Jaeger-LeCoultre watches, it may be best to try another pawnshop in Ontario.

6. Keep Emotions Out of Negotiations

If you’re initially offered much less than you expected or hoped to get, try to keep your emotions in check. The first offer is just a starting point, and now it’s time to make your case for why you deserve more for the item. If you feel like your watch is being completely undervalued, it may be best to take to another shop and let them make you an offer.

Buy and Sell Luxury Items in Ontario

At Central Mega Pawn in Ontario, near Pomona and Upland, we buy and sell luxury items including watches, jewelry, handbags, and sunglasses ever day. We also buy and sell brand name electronics, power tools, musical instruments, and sporting equipment.

We’re conveniently located on S. Central Avenue in Ontario, and we’re open from 8:30 am -6:00 pm seven days a week. Follow us on Facebook to see in-demand added items when we get them.