Are you looking to buy or sell designer watches? Why not let the friendly staff at Central Mega Pawn show you what’s in store?

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Designer watches

Central Mega Pawn of Ontario has experienced employees, trained to provide you with friendly professional service every time. We have an amazing inventory of designer watches that will excite you. We are sure you will find something special you can’t go home without. Our staff strives to provide a comfortable, confidential experience without any pressure, to help you with your specific situation. Our selection of designer watches is constantly changing and new arrivals come in all the time. Compared to department stores or your local jeweler, we have the best prices in town for the pieces you’ll love.

We are the best in the business because Central Mega Pawn provides you with many options such as, short-term collateral loans or we can directly purchase your item. If you need to borrow some money to pay a bill or just to get by until your next paycheck arrives, we are here to help. Central Mega Pawn is both a “Buy and Sell” store with a large selection of designer watches, in the brands you love, at way below jewelry store prices. Come in and see our enormous inventory and our door busting deals.

Why do customers choose Central Mega Pawn of Ontario?

  • Designer Brands
  • Affordable Prices
  • Gorgeous Designs
  • Buying and Selling Options
  • Fair Honest Appraisals
  • Fast Friendly Service
designer watches ontario 91710

Throughout the course of our lifetime, we all gather a lot of different items. Some of it has sentimental value and we want to hold on to them. The rest of it is simply collecting dust in our homes. Lucky for you, we have an experienced team able to provide you with an evaluation on your items and make selling them to us easy. Our customer service associates work for you to get cash for your designer watches in a hurry. We conduct special tests to determine authentication of your items and appraise your designer watch right in front of you, so you’ll know you’re getting the most cash possible. After we do some research to determine how much your property is worth you are able to walk out with money in your pocket. Walking away with cash in hand after just minutes of interaction is the best part and if you decide to retain ownership of your property you can get it back upon repayment of the loan and fees. So the next time you get cash for your designer watch, it no longer means you have to part with it forever.

If you’re interested in selling your designer watch, Central Mega Pawn of Ontario will pay you top dollar. Either way, it’s nice to know you have options to meet your needs. So whether it is to sell your items or use them to secure a short-term loan bring your designer watches into Central Mega Pawn and let us turn it into the cash you need.

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