Pawnshops offer an incredible, ever-changing inventory of jewelry, including wedding rings. So, if you’re wondering if you should buy a wedding ring from a pawn shop, the answer is YES! Top pawn shops in the Inland Empire like Central Mega Pawn offer an amazing selection of wedding rings, engagement rings, and other gold, silver, and platinum jewelry for a fraction of what you’ll pay at a traditional retailer. Here’s a look at why you should consider buying a wedding ring at a pawn shop.

1. You May Save Up to 50% on a Wedding Ring

Perhaps the most compelling reason to consider buying a wedding ring from a pawn shop is due to the significant savings you may realize. Jewelry sold at pawn shops is frequently sold for 30-50% less than traditional retailers sell comparable items. So, whether you’re looking for a simple gold band, a platinum and diamond ring, or another type of wedding ring, you can often save a small fortune by buying it from a pawn shop.

2. The Selection of Wedding Rings Changes Constantly

Another reason pawnshops are unique lies in the fact that the inventory changes constantly. Each day pawn shops buy and sell new items, meaning that the selection of wedding rings available can be entirely different from day-to-day.

3. You Can Find One-Of-A-Kind Jewelry

At top pawn shops like Central Mega Pawn near Ontario, Upland, and Pomona, we buy jewelry from a wide audience, who all have varying tastes. So, we have antique rings, vintage rings, gemstone rings, and rings you simply won’t find at a traditional retailer. That’s a major reason that many people report finding their best jewelry in pawnshops.

4. You Can Trust Reputable Pawn Shops to Sell Only Premium Rings

At established, trusted pawnshops, you can rest easy knowing that the product you’re buying is exactly what you’re told it is. After all, at Central Mega Pawn, our goal is to maintain our great reputation for customer service, premium products, and great prices.

To consistently earn top reviews, from buyers, sellers, and those needing a pawn loan, before we buy any item, including a wedding ring we confirm the quality of the item. This means verifying the karat, the purity, and the authenticity of all gemstones, including diamonds.

5. Pawn Shops are Open When You Need Them

Another reason you should consider buying a wedding ring from a pawn shop is that we’re open when you need us, and convenient to the entire Inland Empire. Central Mega Pawn is open seven days a week from 8:30 am -6:00 pm. Our shop is on Central Avenue in Ontario, making it easy to get to from Upland, Pomona, Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana, San Dimas and surrounding communities in the Inland Empire.

6. You Can Shop Online 24/7

Central Mega Pawn is a leading pawnshop in the Inland Empire, so in addition to our physical location in Ontario, we also boast an awesome online store, which you can shop from anywhere at any time. With thousands of items for sale in our online store, in addition to wedding rings, you can shop for:

  • Antiques
  • Collectibles
  • Designer bags
  • Luxury watches
  • Musical Instruments
  • Sporting & outdoor equipment
  • Tools
  • Video games and consoles
  • Much more

7. Negotiation is Possible at a Pawnshop

Unlike traditional retailers, pawnshops are often open to negotiation. So if you see a wedding ring you want to buy, you’re always welcome to make an offer. There’s no guarantee that it will be accepted, but you may be able to negotiate a better price than stated on the price tag. Pawnshops have much more flexibility than a franchise jewelry store, so we’re willing to consider reasonable offers.

8. You Can Find Brand New Items

Many items at a pawn shop are gently used. But many are also brand new! So if you’re looking for a brand new ring, you may find exactly that at a pawn shop.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Ring at a Pawn Shop

When shopping for a wedding ring from a pawnshop, use the following tips to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

1. Set a Budget

It helps to know the maximum amount you’re willing or able to spend before you head to the pawnshop. This will ensure you don’t break the bank.

2. Shop Online Beforehand

It may help save time if you shop for the type of ring you have in mind before going to the pawnshop. At Central Mega Pawn, you can shop our online store, and sort items by style, by metal, and by gemstone, to help you get an idea of what you’d like before you head into the shop. You can also call the shop ahead of time to make sure that the item is physically in the store before you head in.

3. Bring Cash instead of Credit Cards

Credit card companies charge all retailers, including pawnshops, a fee every time we sell an item to a customer paying with a credit card. We don’t get charged that fee when we sell an item for cash, so we’re more willing to negotiate on price if you’re paying cash.

4. Ask about the Return Policy

Top pawn shops will offer a return policy in the unusual event that you decide you don’t want the rig. You’ll either get your money back, store, credit or be able to exchange the ring for another ring.

Buy Your Wedding Ring at the Best Pawn Shop in the Inland Empire

Central Mega Pawn has served the communities of Upland, Ontario, Pomona and the entire Inland Empire for decades. As a long-standing business in the local community, we have been helping friends and neighbors to buy and sell items for generations. Our staff has years and years of combined market knowledge, valuation experience and product knowledge– making Central Mega Pawn’s team the best in the area.

We are also a Trusted Lender as designated by the California Pawnbrokers Association. As a member in good standing of CAPA, we abide by all laws and regulations. Our business practices are compliant with state and local rules.

We look forward to helping you find and buy the wedding ring you’ve been dreaming of, at Central Mega Pawn in Ontario!