If you are thinking of adding a Patek Phillipe watch to your luxury timepiece collection, congratulations – there are few more exquisite pieces to have in your possession. Unlike its competitors who spend millions per year on advertising, one of the many qualities that Patek Phillipe is famous for is the fact that they hardly advertise at all yet are one of the most sought-after brands all over the world.

However, buying a timepiece of this quality isn’t as simple as heading out to the mall. Many factors go into investing in a Patek Phillipe watch and many things you will need to know to protect yourself from fraudulent pieces or outrageous overpricing. It’s enough to deter many collectors away.

If you’re not sure where to start or are looking for how to get the most value for your investment dollar, we at Central Mega Pawn have put together this guide to help you find, purchase and care for your Patek Phillipe watch.

The history of Patek Phillipe

First, let’s talk a little bit about why the Phillipe Patek brand is so synonymous with luxury and quality. Widely considered to be the pinnacle of Swiss watchmaking, Patek Philippe is one of the oldest watch manufacturers in the world. It has a history of uninterrupted watchmaking since its inception, which is a claim that few companies can make. It speaks volumes of the dedication with which each timepiece is put together. Throughout history, Patek Phillipe watches and timepieces have been owned by such figures as Queens Victoria and Elizabeth II, John F. Kennedy, Nelson Mandela, and Marie Curie, to name a few.

Its rich legacy continues today. Patek Phillipe continues to manufacture all its components and remains independent and family-owned.

How to buy

There are a few things you should know before heading out and buying your first (or next) Patek Phillipe. Patek Phillipe currently offers about 200 different models, the majority of them for men. Most of the watches can be separated into distinct “families.” They are:

  • Calatrava – elegant dress watches. If you are buying new, you may need to get on a waitlist.
  • Nautilus – widely considered to be a sports watch. A Patek Phillipe watches with a simple three-hand mechanism (hour, minute, second) is commonly referred to as Nautilus watches.
  • Aquanaut – inspired by the style of the Nautilus, watches in the aquanaut line are relatively new and extremely hard to find. They are made to be frequently worn and are resistant to wear, salt water, and UV radiation.
  • Complicated – in watchmaking terms, the word “complicated” refers to anything a watch does that is beyond timekeeping. Complicated Patek Phillipe watches feature everything from annual calendars to world time displays.
  • Grand Complication – Patek Phillipe pours all of its mastery of timekeeping into their grand complication watches. These watches are incredibly complicated and are among the world’s most valuable timepieces.

Once you know what style, or even model, of Patek Phillipe watch you want, you can begin your search.

Where to buy your next (or first) Patek Phillipe watch

Buying a Patek Phillipe watch is a complicated process. Because they are such excellent and luxurious products, you may be hard-pressed even to find a local dealer. And even then, you may need to be put on a waitlist that has no estimated time of delivery. Some dealers have also denied potential customers due to the fear that they will flip the watch for a profit.
So, unless you are willing to wait several years for the chance to buy your watch, you must look to your local jewelry and watch stores in the hopes of finding a gently used Patek Phillipe watch. However, savvy collectors and shoppers know that their local pawnshop should be at the top of their list.

Why a pawnshop?

Your local pawn shop might be the perfect place to find your Patek Phillipe watch. Unlike a local dealer, your pawnbroker will not need to put you on a waiting list to sell you your watch. Also, you will be able to buy a world-class luxury timepiece at a fraction of the cost.

When you buy from a reputable pawnshop like Central Mega Pawn, you can rest assured that you are getting a genuine article. We strive to purchase only luxury watches with all their certification and original packaging intact. We do everything we can to ensure that every item in our shop is genuine and in the best possible condition.

The selection of luxury watches in your local pawnshop is continuously changing – if you don’t find the perfect watch for your needs right away, you can always come back and see what’s new. But, perhaps the most significant advantage of buying your Patek Phillipe at your local pawnshop is that you can negotiate the price if you have done your homework, have reasonable expectations, and are willing to work to reach a deal that satisfies everyone. Just try that approach at your local luxury watch dealer!

Caring for your Patek Phillipe watch

Caring for your new Patek Phillipe watch should begin the moment that you decide to buy it. Here are some guidelines for keeping your latest addition in excellent condition:

  • Ensure that it fits properly on your wrist
  • Protect the watch from extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Avoid exposing your watch to magnetic fields for prolonged periods
  • Always return the crown and pushers to their original positions
  • Do not make any adjustments to the crown or pushers while the watch is wet or underwater
  • Rinse gently with fresh water after exposure to saltwater or chlorine

You should never attempt to polish a Patek Phillipe, or any other brand of luxury watch, for that matter, yourself. Always seek the service of a professional for an in-depth cleaning or any repair. Another great feature of owning a Patek Phillipe watch is that the manufacturer will service and repair all genuine articles made after 1839.

When it comes to luxury watches, you cannot beat a Patek Phillipe. Visit Central Mega Pawn today when it is time for you to add a Patek Phillipe to your collection. We have luxury watches to fit every budget and will be happy to help you find your next (or first) Patek Phillipe investment piece.