Pawn shops are most commonly known as places to buy or sell things like gold, sporting goods or jewelry. However, they are also a great resource when it comes to buying and selling electronics.

At Central Mega Pawn, located in Ontario, California, we have the size and resources to be your #1 choice in buying or selling your electronics.


Local pawnshops, like Central Mega Pawn, are one of the last places around where you can get more for less. You can find high-quality items, such as TVs, smartphones, laptops, and video game consoles, for around 30-50% off retail prices. Plus, pawnshops will only buy in-demand items for resale. That means that you’ll find only popular items, brands, and models for sale at your local pawnshop.

When you buy retail, you are paying a premium to have the latest item. When you buy used from places like Craigslist or eBay, or one of the numerous person-to-person apps, you are taking a significant risk that your items are non-functional, or worse, stolen.

Central Mega Pawn thoroughly tests every electronic item in stock for functionality and legitimacy; when you buy from us, you are purchasing quality. Here is just a sampling of the electronics you’ll find when you visit us:

  • Smartphones: Smartphones are increasingly becoming a necessity for everyday life, despite their high price tags at retail. As a result, there is a robust market for pre-owned smartphones. Central Mega Pawn is a leader in this market; we stock all the latest smartphones from popular brands like Apple, Samsung, and Google.
  • Video Games & Consoles: Central Mega Pawn has a vast inventory of the latest consoles and games. We are an excellent resource for building your game library, or to give some new games a try without having to use a subscription service. We also stock accessories like controllers and keyboards. We can set you up with an entire gaming system in one visit!
  • TVs: Most pawn shops carry televisions of all sizes and models, as well as vital peripherals like soundbars, subwoofers, and DVRs. We also have Smart TVs on hand. If you are looking to future-proof your television system, Smart TVs are a good investment. They look as sleek and modern as the latest models, but thanks to being connected to the internet, they will be able to handle updates for years and support the same essential apps.
  • Computers: Your local pawnshop is actually a great place to buy a quality, pre-owned machine for a great price. If you are looking to avoid paying retail and want to ensure that you’re getting a functional, quality product, the worst thing you could do is to trust online sales sites or apps, because you never truly know what you’re getting. By buying your next computer from your local pawnbroker, you know that they’ve done the work for you to ensure that your item works as it should and is in good condition.


Alternately, if you are selling your electronics, or if you need some quick cash and have some electronics lying around and gathering dust, you are in luck. In fact, electronics are one of the top four items that are always in demand at pawn shops. Some specific items that are generally in demand include:

  • TVs: especially top brands like Samsung, Vizio, Hitachi, and Panasonic
  • Smartphones: recent models, or even a few previous generations, are always in demand
  • Video Games: expect to have a bundle of at least five or more popular or recent games to get a good offer
  • Video Game Consoles and Accessories: the more current the model, the better, such as Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4
  • Computers: especially recent models by Apple, Microsoft, and Asus
  • Recording equipment: video cameras, microphones, editing decks, etc.
  • Media Players: DVD and Blu-Ray players, recent model MP3 players
  • Home security systems, such as video doorbells and security cameras

However, to get the best price possible, and to ensure that you have a good experience, you can’t just pop into your local pawnshop and ask what they can do for you. Here are some tips for selling your electronics at your local pawn shop. Keeping these things in mind can help you get a higher price for your item.

Appearances Matter

Your local pawnbroker has seen a lot and knows that if an item presented to them is caked in dust and grime, it will be harder to sell without having to take the time themselves to clean it. Clean your item as much as possible before bringing it in.

It Has to Work

While this is true for every item that comes through a pawn shop’s doors, this is especially important for electronics. An electronic item that doesn’t work the way it should is essentially an expensive paperweight. Ease your pawnbroker’s mind by being prepared to demonstrate that your item works. Take the time to show them all the features, and not just the power button.

It Should Have All the Parts

If your pawnbroker can sell your item or items as a complete set or as a bundle, you will get a better price. Instruction manuals, cables, remotes, controllers, you name it: the more complete your item is, the easier it will be to resell. Anything useful and relevant you can add to the deal will increase its perceived value and will get you a higher price.

It Should be in Demand

Don’t show up with an original Palm Pilot from 1997 and expect big money. While vintage electronics like that may be appealing to collectors, your pawnbroker has to be able to resell everything that they buy. Even if you have a current model, your pawnbroker is an expert on their market and may not make you an offer. If you are ever unsure, visit your local pawnshop ahead of time to see what they have on hand.

Whether buying or selling, it’s your job to keep yourself informed. The more homework you do, the more pleasant your experience will be. Come visit us today to see how we can meet all your electronics buying and selling needs.