If you have broken jewelry or loose gemstones lying around, you might be wondering if they have value, and if so, where you can sell or use them to obtain a quick and easy cash loan. You have many options, such as jewelry stores, auction websites, or person-to-person sales apps, but your best bet is a pawn shop. This is because pawn shops are valued members of their communities. Unlike chain retail stores, whose primary goal is to make the most profit for their corporation, or impersonal website, pawn shops are valued members of their communities. Pawnbrokers have a vested interest in helping their neighbors and have the flexibility to do so.

Finding a pawn shop in Ontario, California

Not every pawn shop is created equal. It is always the best bet to visit your local pawn shop, not the one with the most advertising that is far away or those that appear on popular television shows. No matter what kind of community you live in, there is a pawn shop near you.

For example, if you live in or near Ontario, California, you have many options because the Inland Empire is a relatively populous area. In fact, you might become overwhelmed by all of your options. However, there is an easy way to find the pawnshop for you in Ontario that is interested in and will buy your broken jewelry and loose gemstones.

First, do your research – google terms like “pawn shops near me,” and see which ones top the list. Then, look them up on Yelp or other review sites to see what people tend to say about working with them. If you notice a pattern of positive or negative experiences, that can be a good indicator of what you might expect from the shop. Use your info to make a shortlist of potential shops.

Then, contact the top contenders – any pawn shop worth your business will be glad to hear from you. You can call or email or even visit in person to see about their policies and if they would be interested in your broken jewelry and loose gemstones.

Lastly, go to a shop with expertise – many pawn shops specialize in particular types of items. For example, some tend to buy lots of antiques, while others specialize in tools. At Central Mega Pawn, we are proud to say that jewelry, precious stones, and metals are among our specialties. We have been serving our Inland Empire community for more than a decade, and we are one of a few pawnshops nationwide that employ an in-house jeweler. This means that we are a great place to sell or pawn your broken jewelry and loose gemstones.

Selling or pawning broken jewelry

Broken jewelry retains a lot of its value and can help you obtain a quick cash loan when you need a little financial boost. Unlike many other items found in a pawn shop, such as electronics or musical instruments, jewelry does not typically lose value as it ages.

The precious metals market determines the value of your broken jewelry. Although the market tends to have fluctuations, the value of precious metals and loose gemstones generally increases over time.

Our in-house jeweler will determine what kind of precious metal comprises your jewelry, including its purity. Then, they will weigh, measure, and assess any accompanying jewels. Based on the information they generate, your pawnbroker will make you an offer. You are free to accept the offer, decline the offer, try at another shop, or negotiate for better terms.

Loose gemstones

At Central Mega Pawn, we are always interested in buying your loose gemstones, from precious diamonds to more common but still valuable other types.

Although most loose gemstones will retain their value, not all gems are valued equally. So, as you consider selling or pawning your loose jewels at Central Mega Pawn, keep the following in mind:

  • There are four significant types of precious stones: diamond, ruby, blue sapphire, and emerald. These are the most valuable types of gemstones that we often see. They will always command a high price because they are stable in value and considered significantly precious.
  • Any other stone not mentioned above will be considered semi-precious. While they are still valuable, they will not fetch as high a price like a stone classified as precious.
  • Size matters, The larger your loose gemstones, the higher price you can expect.

How to get the most money for your broken jewelry and loose gemstones in Ontario

Now that we know some basics of how Central Mega Pawn will evaluate your broken jewelry and gemstones, here is how you can maximize your offer:

  • Gather all your pieces – no matter how many parts your jewelry has broken into, the more you can bring in, the better your chances of getting a fair offer for your items.
  • Do your homework – learning even a little bit about how jewelers appraise precious metals and stones will help you understand how much you can expect. Plus, it will help you be more confident when it comes time to negotiate.
  • Clean your items – do your best to clean every item you have. Generally speaking, for any item you wish to pawn or sell to a pawn shop, a good rule of thumb is that the cleaner it is, the easier it is for your pawnbroker to evaluate and resell, if necessary.
  • Have realistic expectations – this is where your homework will come in handy. Once you have an idea of the value of your broken jewelry or loose gemstones, understand that your offer will likely be a fraction of that amount, usually around 40-60%. Pawnbrokers are unable to offer an even exchange of any item.
  • Negotiate – The more homework you do, the more leverage you will have when it comes time to negotiate the best deal for everyone involved. Also, don’t be afraid to walk away if you are unable to reach ideal terms. Your jewelry will not decrease in value, and we are not going anywhere! You can try again later, or even at a different shop.

Put your broken jewelry and loose gemstones to work for you! Now that you are armed with the knowledge that Central Mega Pawn is your best bet for selling or pawning let us turn your unwanted broken jewelry and loose gemstones into cash in hand in minutes.