Sunglasses are a must-have accessory, especially if you live in a place like the Inland Empire, where the sun shines almost all-year round. High-quality sunglasses can provide the kind of quality and comfort that will make it easy to protect your eyes from the bright light of our Southern California sun.

Whether you buy them for style or for adventure, it is always worth it to invest in high-quality sunglasses. The kind that you can buy at gas stations or that you might receive as promotional items are cheaply made, and worse, do not actually protect your eyes, which can lead to pain and damage. Designer sunglasses are manufactured to scientific specifications and are built to last.

For many people, however, designer sunglasses are too expensive. That’s where we come in: at Central Mega Pawn, we make it easy to get high-quality designer sunglasses at a fraction of retail price.

Shopping for the perfect sunglasses can be overwhelming, so we’ve compiled a guide to help you find the perfect sunglasses for you, and how to get the most value for your money when it comes to buying designer sunglasses.

Eye Protection

Your first consideration should be on eye protection from harmful UV rays. It is a misconception that darker lenses mean increased eye protection; the truth of the matter is that the most protective lenses come in all shades. When you buy non name-brand glasses, however, you can never be sure that you are getting the protection you need. This is another reason to buy designer sunglasses whenever possible, as you can rest assured that the lenses provide the highest level of protection.


Next, you should consider how your new sunglasses will fit. Not every frame is created equal, which is a good reason to visit us in person to try on your new glasses. They should fit well but not sung across the bridge of your nose and should not apply pressure against your scalp. Remember that the best pair of sunglasses for you is the one that you will wear consistently.


You cannot ignore lens quality when choosing your new designer sunglasses, as they are what stands between your delicate eyes and harmful rays. Lenses can be made of a variety of materials, such as glass, or polycarbonate. Regardless of the material, lenses should be free of scratches. Scratches are not only distracting, but they could also expose your eyes to damaging UV light. If you find any damage to the lenses, find another pair or look into getting the lenses fixed before you begin wearing them.


The color or your lenses do not only affect the style of your sunglasses, but also affect how your eyes will detect contrast and differentiate between colors. Different lens tints filter light differently.

Depending on what kind of activities you want to use your glasses for, consider the following:

  • Gray lenses reduce light intensity without affecting how you see contrast, or distorting colors.
  • Brown lenses enhance contrast by blocking some blue light, which makes them ideal for snow activities, and hunting in bright light conditions.
  • Amber/yellow lenses significantly block most blue light, which makes them ideal for hunters but bad for any other activity that requires color recognition.
  • Copper sunglasses are favored by golfers, as they mute the sky and grass against a golf ball.
  • Blue and green sunglasses lenses enhance the contrast of brightly colored tennis balls.

Overall Quality

The cumulative effect of all these considerations will give you an idea of the overall quality. Designer sunglasses will give an impression of high-quality and durability in the way the lenses, frame and fit feel when you put them on.

Face Shape

Next, you should consider your face shape; the shape of your face is a helpful guide to finding the perfect the right pair for you.

  • Oval – If your chin is narrower than the forehead, you have an oval face, and are very lucky, because almost any frame will compliment this face shape.
  • Round – If the width and the length of the face are the same, you have a round face. Wearing wide and rectangular sunglasses will compliment this face shape, while round frames and colored lenses should be avoided.
  • Square – If your face has well-defined angles in prominent areas such as your jawline, forehead, and cheeks, you have a square-shaped face. Round and oval frames are the way to go in this situation, while angular or geometric frames will not do you any favors.
  • Heart-shaped Face – A broader forehead and narrow chin denotes a heart-shaped face. Round or cat’s-eye shaped frames are the most flattering options for this face shape.
  • Oblong – A narrow chin and a long face are the hallmarks of an oblong face. Try out oversized or wraparound style frames to not only flatter your natural shape but to make a bold style statement.

Of course, the best way to know for sure when you’ve found the right pair for you is to come visit us in person and try on some of our selections. We buy only the highest-quality items that come through our door and sell only top brand sunglasses that come with their original packaging, such as authentic cases and paperwork.

Pawn shops like Central Mega Pawn are reflections of their communities. As such, they will have things that their neighbors want and need. Being located in Ontario, deep in the heart of Southern California, Central Mega Pawn has a variety of high quality, name brand designer sunglasses for you to choose from.

We regularly stock many quality sunglasses from top brands like:

  • Armani Exchange
  • Dior
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Tom Ford
  • Oakley
  • Louis Vutton
  • Chanel
  • Coach
  • Giorgio Armani
  • Versace
  • Ray-Ban

But not to worry if you aren’t able to visit us in person – we offer an online shop with great prices, outstanding customer service and quick shipping.

Also, when you are ready to change up your style, you can always sell your designer sunglasses back to us and continue making the most on your investment.