The Top 10 Most Desired Men’s Designer Watches In 2022

The Top 10 Most Desired Men’s Designer Watches In 2022

The year has come to a close which means it’s time to reflect on popular fashion trends as we brace for whatever 2023 has in store for us! Today, we’re looking at the top 10 most desired men’s designer watches of 2022.

1. Movado

Fashion trends seem to bounce back and forth between modern and retro, and for 2022, many people looked forward to the future with minimalist styles that reflected a greener, brighter world ahead of us. Being a brand that has always embraced the beauty in white space, Movado really hit it off this year with flawless effort. Each and every watch made by Movado since the day they started has always been a prime example of peak minimalism. When looking for a particular style, you can never go wrong with the Museum Classic.

2. Hermès

With the cost of everything being at an all-time high, people are finding solace in well-known brands that have been around for generations for guaranteed quality. In this case, Hermès is definitely a company that you can put your faith into as they’ve been crafting premium watches since 1928. Cape Cod is a familiar design, but all of their watches share the same level of finesse. You can even buy Hermès watches at pawn shops for a great price.

3. Nixon

If you want versatility, Nixon is the brand to turn to. Everyone nowadays is all about how many functions a single item can perform so they know they’re getting their money’s worth and cutting down on clutter, and Nixon knows how to design an adaptable watch that can do more than just tell time. Their Chrono models are a good example of this since they feature various subdials with some of them coming with an additional countdown timer.

4. Michael Kors

Women aren’t the only ones who get to indulge in luxury MK products! The Michael Kors brand also creates designer watches for men in order to reach out to a wider audience. Many fans of the name have gravitated to the gold styles for a flashy statement piece that goes with most outfits.

5. Armani

Everyone who hears the name Armani knows that it’s a name followed by excellence and luxury. With ties running for a couple of hundred dollars and belts going for as much as a few hundred, the Armani Exchange is how the company connects to a wider audience without sacrificing quality. Their designer watches come in many attractive and distinct styles at a price that’s appropriate for our current economy, especially if you visit your local pawn shop.

6. Casio

The world gets busier by the year, and we need products that can stand up to our hectic lives. Not everyone has the luxury of being mindful of our everyday items and accidents happen because of it. However, Casio came in strong this year with their G-Shock line of watches that are built to be as durable as possible. Casio owners love being able to go about their day without needing to hold back because their G-Shock watch can handle anything the day has to bring.

7. Invicta

There are so many things to enjoy nowadays and people are constantly finding ways to show off their passion. Invicta has become an outlet for fandoms everywhere by carrying designer watches that effortlessly display icons and images from various licenses such as Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, and Star Wars as well as various sports groups like the MLB and NFL.

8. Citizen

When people go shopping, it’s no longer just about the product itself. Now is the time to do everything we can to care for our planet and people recognize companies who are in on the cause. Citizen is one of those brands that take the time to invest in our future by donating a portion of its profits to environment-focused charities, funding solar projects, and supporting forest conservation groups. So now, when people wear a Citizen designer watch, they can wear it proudly knowing that they did their part in helping the earth.

9. Gucci

After many events over the past couple of years, people are finding the freedom and confidence to express themselves in any way they can. Gucci serves as a wonderful outlet for individuals to find out who they are with plenty of colorful styles and designs that call out to them on a personal level.

10. Rolex

When it comes down to it, you can always count on the reliability and familiarity of the Rolex name. Even if you don’t know what kind of watch to buy, going with a Rolex is always a safe bet which is why it’s been a top brand for many generations and for many more years to come. Day-Date and Oyster Perpetual are still a couple of the most popular styles that anyone would be ecstatic to wear.

The Best Place to Find Your Next Designer Watch

If you’ve been looking around, you already know that designer watches can make a dent in your bank account. However, you don’t have to drop your search just because of your finances. Pawn shops around Rancho Cucamonga, Alta Loma, and Ontario have been known to carry many of these popular brands at a much lower price so practically anybody can afford to go about their day in style.

Central Mega Pawn especially has great service with a friendly and knowledgeable staff that you can trust with decades in the business. You can shop the online store for men’s designer watches before swinging by to get an idea of what to expect, and you can always call (909) 627-9622 to ask about the current inventory. The shop is open seven days a week for your convenience so you can stop by anytime that’s best for you!

Is Buying An Engagement Ring From a Pawn Shop A Good Idea?

Is Buying An Engagement Ring From a Pawn Shop A Good Idea?

A proposal is a momentous, once-in-a-lifetime occasion that many people worry about messing up in one way or another. But if you’re on a budget, visiting a brand-name retail store might not be an option. In this case, would it be a good idea to check out your local pawn shop? There are actually many reasons why you should consider reputable pawn shops in the Rancho Cucamonga, Alta Loma, and Ontario areas. But first, it helps to understand the importance of an engagement ring so you can shop with care.

The Significance of An Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is not something to be taken lightly. But if you’re actively looking for one, you don’t need anyone to tell you that. You already know that an engagement ring should be incredibly special as it’s proof of your love for another, but how do you know that you’ve found the right one? It’s not as simple as choosing the one with the highest price tag or the largest diamond. The ring that you choose should show how much you care for your partner and how well you understand them like no one else does. The design and qualities should remind you of the person you’re presenting it to. You may be expecting a couple of examples, but it’s really just something that you will feel in your heart when you finally come across the right one. The lesson here is to be patient and keep your partner in mind during your search.

Browsing Your Local Pawn Shops

Now that you know that looking for the perfect engagement ring is about more than just grabbing what looks big and expensive, you can appreciate the value of expanding your search to pawn shops for more variety and thus a better chance at finding a ring that stands out to you. But don’t pawn shops get a bad rep when it comes to jewelry? You shouldn’t always believe what you hear.

Common Misconceptions

One major concern regarding pawn shop engagement rings involves the assumption that rings only end up in pawn shops due to failed relationships when in fact there are plenty of other positive reasons:

  • An engagement could progress to the wedding phase followed by the desire to make a complete switch over to the wedding ring rather than wearing an engagement ring/wedding band combo.
  • A vow renewal could encourage the purchase of a brand-new ring to symbolize an incredible change in the couple’s journey.
  • The couple could have agreed to prioritize a grand vacation full of unforgettable memories in exchange for a material object.

Aside from worrying about possible negative vibes, people may question the quality of the ring in both material and design. As long as you make sure to visit a reputable pawn shop, you can rest assured knowing that a pawnbroker will only put out their best items for guaranteed customer satisfaction because they value their relationship with the community. Even though some pawn shops will take in broken jewelry for the value of the metal and gems themselves, they will not put broken items back on display under the guise of being completely functional because they would rather encourage continued sales by keeping everyone happy. And if you’re worried about only finding unappealing rings, keep in mind that all engagement rings are crafted with longevity in mind meaning that no ring is destined to make its way into a bargain bin on purpose.

The Many Benefits

The main reason why people go to pawn shops is for the lower prices. It’s true that you can find a lovely engagement ring for half the price as one that you’ll find at a jewelry retail store. But that’s not the only reason you should visit your local pawn shop. You also have a better chance of finding truly unique engagement rings compared to retail stores that only stock what’s currently popular, meaning that many people in the area will end up with the exact same ring making it not as special. The process of buying from a pawn shop is also much faster. When you buy from a retail store, you typically go through an entire credit check for financing.

Tips For Buying An Engagement Ring

If you want to be completely satisfied with your engagement ring, it helps to have a bit of self-control and set a few ground rules to assist you during your search:

  • Set your budget first and foremost This is the most important step because you don’t want your new ring to cause any setbacks to your finances and leave you feeling regretful.
  • Pick a style as a baseline While you should ultimately go with your heart, it helps to have some sort of reference instead of going in completely blind.
  • Find the best pawn shop in your area You should only visit pawn shops with a good reputation so you know that the staff is trustworthy.
  • Learn how to negotiate If you want the absolute best price when buying at a pawn shop, you’re expected to know how to negotiate.
  • Ask for proof of authenticity Usually, the grade of metal is imprinted somewhere inside of the band or you can ask if a certificate is available for the piece you’re interested in.

Find Your Engagement Ring At Central Mega Pawn!

Central Mega Pawn is the most reliable, reputable, and trustworthy pawn shop in the Rancho Cucamonga, Alta Loma, and Ontario areas. With such a large, varied, and constantly-rotating inventory, Central Mega Pawn is the best place to search for your engagement ring. Stop by anytime and the helpful staff will help you find what you’re looking for! You can also call (909) 627-9622 to speak with experienced pawnbrokers.

Do Pawn Shops Sell Cartier Jewelry?

Do Pawn Shops Sell Cartier Jewelry?

Those who love the Cartier brand know how pricey brand-new jewelry can be when shopping at your typical retail store. Surely there must be a better way to express the romantic side of your personality at a reasonable price? Don’t rule out your local pawn shop! Rancho Cucamonga, Alta Loma, and Ontario have pawn shops in the surrounding area that are likely to have what you’re looking for and at a lower cost.

The Beauty of Cartier

Cartier is sought out by people who love love. As a company that was founded in France, Cartier specializes in jewelry that symbolizes people’s commitment to each other whether it be through stunning engagement rings, remarkable wedding bands, or the esteemed LOVE bracelet as a pure testament of one’s promise to another. While the meaning behind the design is something to behold, the message isn’t lost on the brand’s dedication to only using high-grade metals and gemstones.

Desirable Qualities of Cartier Jewelry

You’ll only find 18k gold and 950 platinum in Cartier jewelry which places the target market among the high-end and wealthy class. Expert craftsmanship makes each and every piece truly authentic. When you consider the fact that the company was founded as far back as 1847 and is still held in high regard to this day, it’s no wonder that Cartier is among the top 10 jewelry designers of all time. But despite the intended audience, pawn shops allow high-end jewelry to be more accessible to the general public.

The LOVE Bracelet Promise

The LOVE bracelet is one of the most popular pieces by Cartier. Everything about this bracelet symbolizes the undying passion between two people, even down to the method of putting it on your wrist. Each bracelet comes with a small golden screwdriver which is used to secure both halves together and can only be done with the help of your partner as it’s not a task that can be done with a single hand. The design is thin and simple yet elegant and ravishing. And while most designer jewelry is meant to only be worn on special days and during fancy occasions, Cartier’s LOVE bracelet is meant to be worn at all times to represent limitless adoration for your other half.

Other Cartier Jewelry

While the LOVE bracelet is one of Cartier’s more popular creations, the brand isn’t limited to the one product. They are also well known for their intricate rings, more particularly their engagement ring and wedding band collections. They also design regular rings along with other types of jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, and designer watches. But no matter the product, Cartier stays true to its style by offering matching collections across all jewelry types.

Cartier Jewelry Collections
  • LOVE
  • Juste Un Clou
  • Trinity
  • Panthere de Cartier
  • Clash de Cartier
  • Diamond Collection

Each type of jewelry from a certain collection is meant to perfectly complement one another for an effortlessly alluring presence everywhere you go. The engagement ring selection in particular has its own series of collections:

  • Cartier Destinee
  • Etincelle de Cartier
  • 1895
  • Vendome Luis Cartier

How to Buy Cartier From a Pawn Shop

With the time, effort, and dedication put into every Cartier piece, finding one at anything less than ticket retail price seems nearly impossible. However, buying Cartier at a lower price is absolutely possible if you visit the right pawn shops near you. All it takes is having some familiarity with the quality and knowing how to negotiate a fair price so you can make a confident purchase.

Spotting Fake Cartier Jewelry

Since the brand holds the quality of its jewelry to such high standards, it’s actually pretty easy to identify fake Cartier pieces. Once you know exactly what to look out for, the signs can be painfully obvious even to an untrained eye.

Real Cartier JewelryFake Cartier Jewelry
  • Thin, clear, and easy-to-read engravings along the inner band.
  • Centered engraving.
  • Perfectly symmetrical design elements.
  • Clear outer pins with no engraving.
  • Small and thin bracelet bands.
  • Thick, incomplete, faded, and hard-to-read engravings (or no engravings) along the inner band.
  • Misaligned engraving.
  • Inconsistent or crooked design elements.
  • “Cartier” printed onto the outer pin.
  • Wide and thick bracelet bands.

Preemptive Research

Knowing how to point out Cartier imposters is only part of getting a good deal. You also need to look up average market prices for the jewelry pieces that you’re hunting for so you have a rough idea of what’s a fair price when negotiating at a pawn shop. After that, the next step is to find a pawn shop that won’t shy away from that fair price.

Finding a Trustworthy Pawn Shop

How do you know which pawn shop to visit near you? A good sign of a reputable pawn shop is having plenty of positive reviews. It also helps to have many years of experience in the business, especially at the same establishment and location. And even though there are pawn shops that specialize in jewelry, it’s better to go to a pawn shop that deals in all kinds of goods. Jewelry-specific pawn shops will typically raise their prices in order to stay afloat in their niche market while general pawn shops have the flexibility to conduct transactions at a truly fair price. But which local pawn shops meet these criteria?

Pawn Shops In the Rancho Cucamonga Area

Visiting pawn shops in the Rancho Cucamonga, Alta Loma, and Ontario areas is an excellent way to find Cartier jewelry at a lower price. Central Mega Pawn is the best place in the surrounding area for reliable service and a trustworthy staff of industry experts. The clean atmosphere and friendly attitude are just a couple of reasons why Central Mega Pawn has been successful in the community for decades with hundreds of positive reviews online. The shop is open 7 days a week so you can call anytime at (909) 627-9622 to speak to the friendly and helpful staff.

Do Pawn Shops Offer Layaway? (Central Mega Pawn Does)

Do Pawn Shops Offer Layaway? (Central Mega Pawn Does)

Once a common option for paying for high-value items, layaway is not nearly as widely available as it was in years past. However, select pawn shops, including Central Mega Pawn in Ontario still offers layaway payments. Read on for everything to know about layaway payment options for premium products.

What is Layaway?

Layaway is a type of buying method that involves placing a deposit on an item, so that the seller “lays the item away” so that other buyers cannot purchase it. It is a way of paying for items, that you want, but need a bit of time to pay the balance. It is typically only used for high-value items. Less expensive items may not qualify for the layaway purchase plan.

The concept of “laying away” items for purchase has its origins in the Great Depression when tens of millions of Americans were living in poverty. Layaway was incredibly popular for many decades, until the credit card market burst open in the 1980s. But from 1930-1980, layaway was frequently used to buy holiday gifts, birthday gifts, and big-ticket items ranging from jewelry to power tools, gym equipment, and more.

Layaway at traditional retailers often involved a down payment followed by a final payment. At pawn shops today, even more latitude is granted to the customer when using layaway. Customers may instead put down a deposit and make a series of payments until the item is paid off. Each pawn shop that offers layaway reserves the right to set its own terms of layaway plans.

Benefits of Layaway at a Pawn Shop

Using layaway to finance an item you’d like to purchase from a pawn shop has several benefits.

1. Layaway Does Not Charge Interest

When you agree to buy an item on layaway, you will not be charged any interest. Instead, the terms of the installment plan will be discussed with you, and you’ll leave a deposit (typically a percentage of the cost of the item). You’ll then make regular payments until the remaining balance is paid off. However, you will not be charged interest. The price that you agree to buy the item for is the price you’ll pay.

2. There is No Fee for Layaway

You won’t find hidden fees affixed to your layaway plan. Layaway is simply a flexible purchasing plan that is offered to customers, with no strings attached. Past due payments may be subject to fees, per the contract.

3. Layaway Increases Your Buying Power

When you use layaway to purchase a luxury watch, diamond engagement ring, or other valuable item, you increase your buying power. For example, consider you find a ring at a pawn shop that you’d like to buy as a gift. The ring is $2,500. But you only have $1,000 available to spend on that day.

With layaway, you can put down just a deposit, ensuring the ring won’t be sold to someone else, and pay off the ring over time. Your $1,000 available funds are increased 2.5x in this example, using layaway.

4. You Don’t Need Good Credit to Be Approved for Layaway

Layaway financing for items at a pawn shop can help customers who do not have good credit. The pawn shop will never check your credit before approving you for a layaway plan. You’ll just need a deposit and a valid form of I.D. to purchase items on layaway.

5. Layaway Prevents You from Maxing Out Credit Cards

When you max out your credit cards, your credit score decreases. Plus, you’ll have to pay back the charges, often with very hefty interest. Layaway allows you to avoid maxing out your credit cards, and therefore avoiding the interest on the charges, which can take years to pay off.

Items You Can Purchase on Layaway at a Pawn Shop

Most high-value items for sale at a pawn shop can be purchased on layaway. These may include:

Can You Cancel an Item You Have on Layaway at a Pawn Shop?

All pawn shops are slightly different. At Central Mega Pawn you may cancel your items on layaway, and you may receive store credit for payments made. You may be subjected to a cancellation fee. The pawnbroker you work with will explain any penalties, and all options available for cancelling items on layaway.

What happens if I’m late on my layaway payment at the pawn shop?

If you cannot make your layaway payment on time, don’t avoid the pawn shop. Call or stop in and let the broker know that the payment will be late. They may agree to keep the item laid away for you if you make the payment within a certain number of days.

How long do I have to make the layaway payments?

Each pawnshop that offers layaway will have their own terms and conditions for layaway. You may have several to many months to pay off your item. Before you agree to purchase anything on layaway be sure you understand the terms and conditions as set by the pawn shop.

How Much of a Deposit Do I Need to Put Down for a Layaway Purchase at a Pawn Shop?

Pawn shops are typically independently owned and operated, and therefore set their own rules and guidelines for layaway deposits. Some may accept as little as 10% of the purchase price as a deposit. Others may require 30% of the purchase price for a down payment. Ask your local pawnbroker for details.

Layaway Available at Central Mega Pawn in Ontario

Central Mega Pawn in Ontario near Pomona and Upland is proud to offer customer layaway installment payment plans for purchases. As the top-reviewed pawn shop in the Inland Empire, we are here to help you to purchase the items you want with no-interest layaway options. Visit us on S. Central Avenue in Ontario to shop using layaway. If you have any questions about our layaway program, feel free to call us at 909-627-9622. You may also send us a message.

Do Pawn Shops Buy and Sell Panerai Designer Watches?

Do Pawn Shops Buy and Sell Panerai Designer Watches?

Pawn shops are an excellent place to shop for luxury watches, including Panerai designer watches. Although the main reason you should include pawn shops when shopping for any high-end item is because you may save a fortune, there are many other benefits of shopping at a pawn shop. Conversely, if you’re ready to sell a Panerai designer watch, make sure you take it to a top-reviewed pawn shop before you sell it online. You can save yourself time, hassle, and delays in waiting for payment. Read on for everything to know about buying or selling a Panerai watch at a pawn shop.

What is a Panerai Watch?

Panerai designer watches are among the world’s most coveted watches. However, unlike many of the world’s other designer watches, Panerai watches are Italian, rather than Swiss. The roots of the Italian luxury watches dates to 1860, when Giovanni Panerai opened his first watch shop and watchmaking school in Florence. By the early 1900s Panerai was manufacturing technical equipment for the Royal Italian Navy. Products included dive watches, and precision instruments.

Panerai was tapped to outfit the Royal Italian Navy because it had created Radiomir, which was a self-luminating material allowing divers to see the time underwater, and in the dark. Panerai provided the military with watches and other devices for many years.

In 1993, Panerai and its instantly recognizable luminous watches finally became available to the public. Just four years later, the Richemont Group (formerly the Vendome Group) acquired Panerai. Panerai joined the likes of brands such as Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and Piaget, and became instantly synonymous with exclusivity and sophistication.

Today, Panerai watches are known for traits such as:

  • Photoluminescent material for low-glow dials and hands
  • Oversized hands
  • Minimal dials
  • Large, cushion shape case
  • Winding crown
  • Oversized hour markers

Brand new Panerai designer watches may be found for around $5,000. Limited-edition Panerai designer watches may cost more than $100,000.

Why Shop for a Panerai Watch at a Pawn Shop?

It’s smart to look for luxury items at pawn shops because of the significant savings you may secure. Consider that used designer watches, handbags, sunglasses, etc., may sell for 30-40% less than the full retail price. With a high-value item like a luxury watch, this can amount to thousands in savings. For example, if you’ve found a Panerai watch you want, but the full retail price is $10,000, you may find the same barely used watch at a pawn shop for $6,000-$7,000. That’s significant savings.

Another reason to shop for exclusive items at pawn shops is because you can often find rare, limited edition, or hard-to-find brands and styles. Because pawn shops buy their inventory directly from individuals, there is no telling what a customer may bring in to sell on any given day.

If you shop from reputable, established pawnshops, you can also rely on authenticity when you buy a premium product. Pawn shops are not in the business of buying fake items, so the likelihood that you’ll purchase a knockoff is very slim.

Should I Sell My Designer Watch to a Pawn Shop?

If you have a Panerai designer watch, that you no longer want, it’s worth taking it to a pawn shop before beginning the process of finding a buyer online. Selling luxury items to a pawn shop offers benefits such as:

  • Instant offer
  • Fast transactions
  • Immediate cash

By contrast, if you decide to try to sell your luxury watch online, you’ll have to identify the right sites to list the watch. Then you’ll have to describe the watch, photograph the watch, and determine the price. Because your watch is valuable, it can take time for anyone to take interest in the watch. In the meantime, you will likely get emails, calls, or texts from nosy, but not necessarily serious buyers. You may have to take the watch with you to show to people you don’t know. Because it’s a high-value item, keep in mind that plenty of people wouldn’t mind getting their hands on it without paying for it.

Once you find a buyer, you’ll need to insure the shipment and trust that it will arrive to its destination safely. Should the piece be lost in the mail, recovering your losses can be impossible, if not stressful. Finally, you’ll need to wait for the payment to reach your account (this also means you’ll need to have some form of online banking, or payment acceptance set up). If you’re exhausted just reading about all the steps, you’ll need to take to sell your luxury watch online, it’s probably in your best interest to take it to a pawn shop.

Before you head out with your watch, it is smart to confirm that a particular pawn shop specializes in luxury items. While some pawn shops specialize in high-end products, others may not buy or sell them.

You may also want to make sure that a particular pawn shop is a member of a respectable industry association such as the California Pawnbrokers Association. This can help you to feel comfortable knowing the shop complies with all local, state, and federal regulations pertaining to pawn shops.

If a particular pawn shop does not make you an offer that you are willing to accept, you can simply walk away and find another shop. But you won’t have wasted countless hours putting the watch up for sale online.

Buy and Sell Designer Items 7 Days a Week in Ontario, CA

Central Mega Pawn buys and sells Panerai designer watches seven days a week in Ontario, CA near Pomona and Upland. As a leading pawn shop serving the luxury market, we also buy and sell jewelry and watches from designers such as Tiffany & Co., Chanel, Harry Winston, Audemars Piguet, Breitling, Chopard and others. We are known for professional service, excellent offers, and fair pricing on luxury goods.

Central Mega Pawn is located at 11031 Central Avenue, in Ontario. For your convenience, Central Mega Pawn is open seven days a week until 6 pm. We also list many of our items in our online store that you may shop 24/7.

Can You Pawn Broken Jewelry?

Can You Pawn Broken Jewelry?

It seems nearly everyone has at least one piece of broken jewelry. Even though you don’t wear it, you also don’t want to throw it away. Perhaps you’ll finally get around to having it repaired one day. In the meantime though, did you know that it may be possible to secure a pawn loan using the broken jewelry as collateral? Of course all pawnshops have their own policies about buying or loaning on broken jewelry, but at Central Mega Pawn, we are often able to make pawn loans using broken jewelry as collateral.

Reasons Pawn Shops May Be Reluctant to Extend Loans for Broken Jewelry

Most pawn shops will accept jewelry as collateral for a pawn loan. However, if the jewelry is broken, your options may be a bit more limited. The reason? If you forfeit your item through defaulting on your loan, the only way the pawn shop can recover their loss is by selling the item. Believe it or not, most customers aren’t in the market for broken jewelry.

That means that the pawn shop can only sell the jewelry as scrap silver or gold or choose to have the item repaired. This is one reason that some pawn shops won’t accept broken chains, bracelets, earrings, watches, etc. So, the first factor that a pawn shop will consider is the value of the scrap metal. Keep in mind that pawn loans are based on a percentage of the value of an item.

For example, say you have a gold chain that you’d like to use as collateral for a pawn loan. It is a 14k gold chain that weighs 15 grams. Let’s also assume that the current spot price of gold per gram is $50. In this case, the chain may be estimated to be worth approximately $750.00. If the chain wasn’t broken, you may expect to be offered a loan ranging from 25% of the value, to 60% of the value. So it could be a loan of $187.50-$450.

However, keep in mind that the pawn shop reserves the right to reduce the offer of the loan because the chain is broken.

Getting Your First Pawn Loan: What to Know

If you’ve never pawned an item before, you should understand how the process works. First, you’ll show the pawnshop the item you’d like to use as collateral for a loan. They will inspect it and offer you a loan amount. You are well within your rights to try to negotiate for a bigger loan. If you do not get the amount you want, you’re welcome to take your jewelry elsewhere, with no hard feelings.

If you reach an agreement, you will need to sign your loan agreement. You will also need to provide your identification with a state-issued I.D., driver’s license, or passport. Different pawn shops offer different terms, but at our shop in Ontario, we only offer four-month loan terms. Interest rates range from 2.99%-35.99%. The pawnbroker will let you know exactly how much your monthly loan payment will be for the next four months. If you pay your pawn loan per the terms, your item will be returned to you when you make your final payment.

If you forget to make your loan payment, you will have a ten-day grace period to make your payment, or to at least make your interest payment. If you do not pay the interest or the payment within the 30 days, you risk forfeiting your item. The pawn shop is then free to sell your item.

Most reputable pawnshops will work with you to get you back on track. You may be able to renew your loan, extend your loan, or obtain a replacement loan. Nationwide it is estimated that only 15% of items that are used as collateral to secure a pawn loan are forfeited.

Unfortunately, because of confidentiality laws, pawnshops are unable to accept payment for your loan from third parties. You will need to make the payment yourself, as pawnshops cannot confirm that they have extended a loan to you to anyone but you.

While you are paying off your loan, your item will be safely stored, and monitored by 24/7 surveillance cameras. Jewelry, coins, silver, gold, and other high-value items are stored in a safe. The pawn shop should also have security gates protecting the business after hours.

You can have multiple pawn loans at one time. There is no limit to the number of items you may use as collateral for loans.

Should You Sell the Broken Jewelry?

If a pawn shop cannot extend a loan for your broken jewelry, you may still be able to sell them the item. You do need to make sure you’re ok with parting with the item. Once you sell it to the pawnshop, they can resell it as soon as they take possession of it. So, you need to be very sure you’re not going to regret selling it at a later date.

But, when you sell your item to a pawn shop, you’ll almost always put more cash in your pocket than the pawn loan will provide. That’s because the pawn shop will become the owner of the item. When you pawn your item, you retain ownership of the item.

Pawn Loans for Broken Jewelry in Ontario, Upland and Pomona

If you have broken jewelry and find yourself in a financial bind, bring the jewelry to Central Mega Pawn in Ontario. As the Inland Empire’s best reviewed pawn shop, we go above and beyond to put the money you need in your pocket. Central Mega Pawn buys, sells, and loans money seven days a week from our location on Central Avenue in Ontario. As a member in good standing of the California Pawnbrokers Association, Central Mega Pawn complies with all state and federal lending regulations.

We are always happy to answer questions. However, we do not provide loan estimates over the phone or email. For all other questions, call 909-627-9622, or feel free to email us.