Smart gamers know that they don’t always have to pay full retail price to enjoy the latest video games and consoles. While some wait for the hype to die down before buying, or waiting for holiday sales, another great option is to give your local pawn shop a look before buying your next game or console. If you live in the Inland Empire, Central Mega Pawn should be your first stop. We also have a secure online shop to serve your needs as well.

Pawn shops like Central Mega Pawn are excellent options because video games and consoles are popular things to pawn, which means that we always have a wide variety of the most popular games and consoles in stock. Sellers know that they will get a much better price for their items at a pawn shop than at places like Craigslist, GameStop, eBay, or through any of the numerous person-to-person sales apps. Central Mega Pawn only buys and sells the most current stuff, as well as the hard-to-find items for the serious collectors in the community. Every item we sell will be in excellent condition. We carry top consoles and titles like:

Buying from a pawn shop like Central Mega Pawn is safe and provides all the benefits of buying at retail without any of the mark up; you will get the exact game or console you want without having to pay for shipping and handling, or dealing with the crowds of malls or big-box retailers. What’s more, you can even negotiate if the price isn’t to your liking. Try that at your local retailer, and you’re likely to be asked to leave.

Although every pawn shop is as unique as the community it serves, one thing they all have in common is that they are always highly motivated to move their items. Central Mega Pawn is no different; while you will find only incredible prices in our shop, we are always happy to work with our valued customers and community to get you the items you want and need at a price you can afford.

Before you visit us, or any pawn shop for your next gaming equipment, here is what to look for when you visit your local pawn shop for your next video game or video game console:

  • Does it have everything you need to get started, such as controllers and power cables?
  • Does it turn on? Your local pawn shop will be happy to plug it in for you before you buy, to assure you that it is in good working order before taking it home.
  • Are all the buttons on the controllers clean and functional?
  • Is it clean? Be sure to check out all the ports, connectors and body; those sensitive areas should be free of dust, cobwebs, and crumbs.
  • Is the disk relatively scratch-free? A disk with a few marks doesn’t necessarily mean it is broken, but an excess of scratches may cause your game to freeze up part way through and become unusable.
  • Does your local pawn shop have a return policy? Be sure to understand the return policy and get it in writing, just in case you get home and your items do not work as expected.

Now that you know what to look for, here’s how to get the best prices on video games and video game consoles at your local pawn shop:

Do your homework

It will pay off greatly to know exactly how much you would pay for your items if you were to buy elsewhere. Luckily, this information is easy to find when it comes to video games and consoles; a quick search for your desired item in the “completed auctions” listing on eBay, or on the website for your local big-box retailer can give you an idea of what a good price might be. The more information you have, the more peace of mind you will have that you are getting a fair price.

Expect to negotiate

Unlike retail stores, it is perfectly acceptable to haggle with your local pawnbroker over the price of an item. Using the information from your research, you will be able to discern when you’re getting a good deal, and when you should push to get a little taken off the sales tag. You can also make offers on bundles of games, for example, or for additional controllers. Respectable pawn shops, like Central Mega Pawn, are happy to work with you to reach a price that works for both parties, which cannot always be said about other buying and selling interactions, such as when buying online or through an app. In fact, we’ve compiled a helpful guide to negotiating at a pawn shop, available here.

Don’t forget about our online shop!

Many pawn shops also now offer online shops. Central Mega Pawn, a leader in e-commerce of both new and used items , offers lots of great deals online, so that people all over can take advantage of our wide selection and fair prices. You can even use our online shop to sell us your unwanted games and consoles! Visit our site regularly to see what’s new and to make an offer on your next must-have game or console. Regardless of if you buy from Central Mega Pawn in our shop or online, you can rest assured that you are getting high-quality items. When you receive your items, carefully examine them to make sure you are happy with your purchase, and contact us right away with any questions or concerns.

Regardless of if you are a seasoned gamer, shopping for a gift, or just looking for a fun new hobby, Central Mega Pawn can get you set up quickly and at a fair price. Our prices on video games and video game consoles can’t be beat – visit us today to find out how we can help you get your game on.