If you’re one of the lucky individuals out there who has found “the one”, you may be thinking about taking the next step and proposing marriage. However, before you go and plan the perfect proposal, you will need one vital component: the ring.

For such a small item, there is a tremendous amount of pressure that goes along with this purchase. Luckily, we are here to help. Keep reading to learn all about how to find and buy the perfect engagement ring, and how Central Mega Pawn can help in your search. That’s right: your local pawnshop should be at the top of the list when it comes to finding your perfect ring. Buying from a pawnshop sends a powerful message that not only are you committed to loving your partner forever, but that you are committed to making smart financial choices with them for the long haul.

Establish Your Budget

The first thing you will need to do before visiting any shops or websites is to establish your budget for the ring. In the past, the rule of thumb was to count on spending two months’ salary on the ring, but that is no longer the case, so don’t worry if your ring budget turns out smaller than you would like.

However, you will still need to know how much you plan on spending; this number will help your pawnbroker show you items within your price range and will help you when it comes time to negotiate price.

Although most people will throw out the “two months’ salary” advice, it is likely that you will still need to save for a few months to buy the ring outright. To that end:

Make a savings plan

Once you know how much you intend on spending on your ring, make a plan to reach your savings goal within a few months. Even a little saved here and there will add up. You can also sell things you no longer need, which is another way that Central Mega Pawn can help: you can pawn items to help save for your ring so that you can avoid financing and possibly going into debt to start off your engagement.

When all is said and done, it’s not the amount of money you spend on the ring that will matter, but the thought that went into selecting, buying and presenting the ring, so don’t delay proposing for the sake of not being able to afford a “better” ring. You can always get them a big fancy ring or other piece of jewelry later on, for a significant birthday, anniversary, or other celebration.

Find Out Ring Size

Proposing with a ring that fits will make the proposal even more special; just imagine that they say “yes”, and you can slip on a ring that fits perfectly. It’s as close to a fairytale ending to a special moment as you can get.

While some people opt to bring their partner to a jewelry store to learn their partner’s ring size, you can still get that information without spoiling the surprise. The easiest way to get your partner’s ring size is to discreetly take a ring she isn’t wearing into your local pawn shop and ask them to measure it, then return the ring to its rightful place as soon as possible.

Research Their Style

This is arguably the hardest part for most people. To choose a ring on your own that your partner will love and cherish can seem daunting, but here are some tips to help you with your search:

  • Current Jewelry: Look at what they wear on a regular basis – is it bold? Subtle? Gold, rose gold, or silver? You may have paid attention to what they wear before, but when you are planning to propose, you will pick up on small details that will guide you to the perfect piece.
  • Use Social Media: Does your partner maintain a Pinterest page or follow jewelers or designers on apps like Twitter or Instagram? Exploring these pages can give you some helpful hints on the style of ring your partner might love.

If you arrive at Central Mega Pawn with not only your partner’s ring size but with some photos of pieces that they might enjoy, our expert jewelers will help you find the perfect item to propose with.

What you need to know about diamonds

When picking a diamond, as long as you know the four Cs, you’ll be in a good position to make a good decision. But remember, the higher a diamond ranks on the four C’s, the more expensive it will be.

  • Carat: Sometimes referred to as weight, carat refers to the size of the diamond. Many people choose to allocate the majority of the budget to a ring with a higher carat diamond.
  • Clarity: Clarity refers to the lack of visible flaws in a diamond. All diamonds have flaws, but in many cases, they are only visible through a scope. You may be able to get a great deal on a ring with an eye-clean diamond, which is a diamond that lacks flaws visible to the naked eye.
  • Color: Diamonds have a letter grade to indicate their color. A clear diamond is the rarest and has the highest grade of D. A yellow diamond has the lowest grade of Z. If you don’t mind a yellowish tint in a diamond, you can save a lot of money. Diamonds with a yellow-ish hue are generally less expensive than clearer diamonds.
  • Cut: Cut has the biggest influence over how much sparkle a diamond has and has a big impact on the beauty and perceived size of the diamond. Cut may rival carat as the aspect to splurge on.

Central Mega Pawn is committed to helping its community at every stage of life, and we are honored to be considered as you take a big step with your loved one. Visit us today to learn about our vast selection, helpful payment plans, and the numerous other ways we can help you get the perfect ring.