Smart gamers know that brand new video games and consoles are rarely worth the hype. Once the thrill of being one of the first to own the latest release wears off, it is challenging to reconcile paying the high retail mark-up. That’s why, at Central Mega Pawn, many of our regular customers take advantage of our vast inventory and great prices to get the video games and video game consoles of their dreams. Your local pawnshop is likely an incredible and underrated resource for all your gaming needs. If you are tired of paying the retail cost, keep reading to find our guide to buying your next video games and video game consoles at your local pawnshop.

Buying video games at a pawnshop

Video games are popular items to pawn or sell. As a result, your local pawnshop likely has lots of fun and exciting games on hand for every popular console on the market, such as:

  • Nintendo switch
  • Playstation
  • Xbox

No matter what console you are buying for, your local pawnshop likely has an excellent selection for you to choose from.

While your pawnbroker will have done his or her due diligence in making sure the game is in working condition and free of scratches, you should still carefully examine the disc and its packaging before buying. Your pawnbroker should be willing to let you handle the item before buying it. Some shops may even have a console hooked up to a TV so that you can load the disc and ensure it is fully functional.

To get the most out of your gently used games, you should purchase only games that are clean and that comes with some of its original packagings. Games in excellent condition might be slightly higher priced than others, but they will be worth the money in the long run. You will still be paying far less than retail.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate. Your local pawnbroker must keep their inventory moving, so they are usually willing to negotiate on a price. Many gamers, who are used to being stonewalled by popular gaming resellers, are surprised to learn that they can get an even better value at a pawnshop simply by asking and being willing to work towards a solution that works for everyone.

Many people are hesitant to negotiate because they imagine it to be a form of confrontation. However, your local pawnbroker is used to negotiation and will respectfully negotiate with you. At Central Mega Pawn, we always want to help our customers and our community to get the best deals possible, so we’ve compiled a handy guide to negotiating at pawn shops.

If your budget and interests allow, also offer to buy a bundle of games at once. Your pawnbroker may be able to provide you with special pricing if you can take a handful of games off their shelves at one time.

Lastly, if you see a game that you want and can afford, buy it! Quality inventory at your local pawnshop likely doesn’t sit around for long. One of the best things about pawnshops is that they always have new and exciting items to offer. If you encounter some games at your local pawnshop that catch your eye, or even better, that you have been eager to buy, work with your pawnbroker to reach an agreeable price. Waiting too long can result in disappointment.

Buying video game consoles at your local pawnshop

Video game consoles are another fantastic item to buy from your local pawnshop. Pawnshops in most areas will usually have a wide variety of recent consoles on offer, all at incredible savings. Also, consoles are hard-working machines, so you have a good chance of getting the console you want in near like-new condition.

Buying a console from a pawnshop is a much better idea than buying from a reseller, website, auction site, or person-to-person sales app. This is because, in addition to saving you money, you can request a guarantee from your pawnbroker that allows you to return your console within an agreed-upon time period if you are not satisfied. You will simply not receive that level of service anywhere else.

To get the best video game console for your money, keep the following in mind when you visit your local pawnshop:

  • Carefully examine the console – look for cracks or other signs of damage on the exterior, and make sure that the power and connector ports are clean.
  • Do your homework – your local pawnbroker will have done everything he or she could to ensure that the console is in excellent condition. However, they cannot be full experts on everything. Know what a fair price for the shape of the console is.
  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate – your pawnbroker is motivated to sell all the items in their shop. Use this to your advantage and negotiate to reach a price that works for everyone.
  • Bundle your items – when it comes to video games and video game consoles, another smart negotiating tactic is to offer to buy in a bundle. Meaning, in addition to the console of your choice, also offer to purchase a game or number of games. You can even offer to buy an extra controller or other accessories so that your pawnbroker can get many items off their shelf at once. And, you’ll walk out with a complete setup, ready to play as soon as you get home!

Your local pawnshop wants to serve its community. In this way, pawnshops make it easy for their neighbors to get the video game console, set up, and games they want that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive. If you live in Southern California’s Inland Empire, visit us today to see what games we have on hand and get ready for new adventures that won’t break your budget. And if you do not live near us, visit our online store to take advantage of our great prices from wherever you are!