Your local pawn shop deals with merchandise of all kinds. However, not all items are valued equally. Some things, such as video games, are always in demand and are always in stock. Whether you are looking to get top dollar for your games or are looking for great prices on some games new to you, your first stop should be your local pawn shop. Keep reading for a handy guide to buying or selling used video games at your local pawn shop.

If you are selling your games:

Nearly every household today has at least one gamer, which means that games are always in demand and that there are lots of ways for you to sell your games. For a few reasons, pawn shops are the ideal place to sell your games. Among them are:

  • Because of their large and diverse inventory, pawnshops don’t need to get as much money as possible out of every game they sell. There is room to negotiate.
  • Unlike selling your games via apps or online, you can get fast cash for your games without dealing with finicky customers, shipping, or waiting for the payment to clear.
  • Your local pawnbroker wants to earn your business and keep you as a customer, which is a far different approach practiced by certain chain video game stores that are notorious for their low-ball offers on games, accessories, and consoles.

Do your homework

Before you bring in your games to sell, be sure to do your research. Find out what other game buyers in the area are paying for the same games, and what the going rate seems to be for your games on sites like eBay. Your pawnbroker will base their offer on this information, so be prepared to recognize a fair offer when you hear it.

Try to sell your games as a bundle. The more games you can offer, the higher the price you can expect. Also, although the game must work, looks still matter. It’s in your best interest to make sure that all your games are clean and free of scratches and visible defects. Scratched-up disks or damaged cases will make it hard for your pawnbroker to resell, which will affect your price. Lastly, bring as much original packaging as possible with you: cases, inserts, accessories, posters, etc. It’s rare to find a used game with original packaging, so if you can offer this, your item will stand out and will resell quickly. The bottom line is that anything you can do to make the game more attractive to potential buyers, the more your pawnbroker will be able to offer you.

Condition and popularity are key

Another factor to consider when selling your games to your local pawnshop is the demand and popularity of your games. Popular, in-demand games will naturally fetch a higher price, whereas older or not quite as popular games may command less. This is another way that your research will pay off: even if your game is older, it may have retro-appeal or be making a comeback. You will only know for sure by doing your homework and being prepared to let your pawnbroker see what you have uncovered about your game.

If you are buying games:

Your local pawn shop is a great place to find your next game, or a handful of games, without having to pay the outrageous mark up of buying retail. Your pawnbroker prices every item in their shop to move, so you will always get a fair price. No matter what kind of game you are looking for, there is a good chance that your local pawn shop has something for you.

What to look for

As with selling games, you should keep the same considerations in mind when buying used video games at your local pawnshop. For example, look at the condition. Although your pawnbroker may store the games out of reach, they should have no problem with letting you scrutinize the discs before you pay. In fact, some may even have a console hooked up to a TV so that you can load the disc and make sure it is fully functional.

You want to buy games that are as clean as possible, and that come with at least some of their original packaging. Games that were cared for will likely be priced a little higher than ones that were visibly neglected or mishandled. However, you can rest assured that the price for any game will be less than you’d find online or via retail.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate

Your local pawnbroker is focused on keeping their inventory moving, so they are in a unique position to make you a deal. Just try doing that at one of the chain game shops! When you’ve done your homework, you are in a favorable position to make a fair offer on a game or bundle of games that you have your eye on.

Many people shy away from negotiating. But, you don’t have to be when you are working with your local pawnbroker. We at Central Mega Pawn want you to get a price you can live with, so we’ve compiled a handy guide to negotiating at pawn shops.

To sweeten the deal, offer to buy a bundle of games at once. Your pawnbroker is incentivized to make a profit and get the games off the shelf, so they may be willing to work even harder to get you a deal that works for you.

If you see something you like, buy it!

Quality inventory at pawn shops doesn’t sit on the shelves for long. If you see a game or handful of games that you’ve been wanting, you should work to reach an agreeable price. If you wait too long and decide to come back another time, the chances of your game being there when you return are slim.

Video games are a way of life for many Americans, which is why pawnbrokers like us at Central Mega Pawn are always willing and ready to work with our community to help them get the games they want at a price they can afford. Visit us today to see what games we have on hand and get ready for new adventures that won’t break your budget.