Ready to invest in a luxury Swiss watch? If so, you’ll likely be interested in laying claim to a Hublot watch. But there is no need to pay full price for a Hublot watch. Pawnshops that specialize in luxury items can be a great place to find a high-end watch. Read on for everything to know about buying a Hublot watch from your local pawn shop.

Hublot Watches: The Art of Fusion

Hublot— meaning “porthole” in French and pronounced “oo-blow” in French—entered the market in 1980. Today, it’s owned by the luxury French conglomerate Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH).

Hublot watches made waves in the luxury watch space, as the very first model released boasted a natural rubber strap-which was unheard of in the luxury watch industry at the time. Today, nearly all luxury watches are available with rubber straps, and Hublot started the trend.

Hublot has remained a trend-setting company, opting to use rare materials in its luxury watches. Examples include Magic Gold, used to make the first 18k gold scratch-resistant watch. Other rare elements used include carbon blends, and osmium.

Hublot watches retail for well into the six-figures, although they once debuted a $5 million watch at the Baselworld Watch and Jewelry Show. There’s no denying that Hublot watches are expensive, but many of them are less expensive than other luxury watches such as Rolex.

Within each Hublot watch collection, there are many different styles and colors available. Collections include:

  • Big Bang Collection (flagship model)
  • Classic Fusion Collection
  • Spirit of Big Bang Collection

Why Buy a Luxury Swiss Watch from a Pawn Shop?

The main reason people buy luxury watches and other high-end items like jewelry from pawn shops is due to the significant savings you can realize. Most pawn shops will sell pre-owned luxury Swiss watches for 30-40% less than the retail price. If the retail price is, for example $60,000 that can result in savings of $18,000-$24,000.

You can also find rare luxury items in pawn shops. Whether it’s a limited edition Hublot watch you’re looking for, or a vintage Tiffany necklace, pawn shops buy their inventory directly from their customers, so you can stumble upon hard-to-find accessories in pawn shops.

When you shop from top-reviewed, established pawn shops, you can also rest assured that they have verified the authenticity of luxury items they have for sale. Before a pawn shop buys a high-end item, they will confirm that it is not a knock-off. After all, they want to earn word-of-mouth referrals along with repeat business, so they will make sure they are only selling authentic items.

Tips for Getting the Best Deal on a Designer Watch at a Pawn Shop

Getting the best price possible on a high-end product is likely your objective when shopping at a pawn shop. Here are ways to ensure you get the best price possible on a Hublot or other designer watch.

Research Watches

Informed buyers will get a better deal on a luxury watch, because they will know what they retail for, where else they may be available, and how to recognize a terrific price when they see it. Before you buy a luxury item, it’s worth taking time to get to know more about the item.

Determine Your Budget and Don’t Budge from It

When buying a high-value item, it can be easy to think, “what difference does another $100 make?” But the reality is, if you blow your budget, you’re more likely to experience buyer’s remorse. So set a firm budget and stick to it.

Practice Negotiating

Those who have never negotiated over price may consider practicing with lower priced items before making an offer for a Hublot watch. If you know you want to add another watch to your collection, and you plan to shop at a local pawnshop, try your hand at negotiating for lower priced items first.

For example, maybe there’s a power tool that you could really use for a home project. When you find it in a pawn shop, set a goal price, and try to negotiate to get that price. Practice can make you more comfortable when it comes time to negotiate for big-ticket items.

Avoid Being Too Impulsive

Finding a luxury watch for a great price can be incredibly exciting. However, it’s best to not make decisions when you’re super excited, as you can give up your negotiating power, or wind up blowing your budget. If you’ve found the perfect Hublot watch, there’s nothing wrong with taking a walk and coming back or mulling the decision to purchase over a meal. High-value items will have a smaller potential buying pool, so it’s unlikely that a luxury watch you want will be gone by the time you get back.

Hublot Swiss Watches for Sale in the Inland Empire

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