Top rated souther california pawn shop

Top Rated So Cal Pawn Shop

There are a few good reasons why Central Mega Pawn has over a thousand raving reviews online. Many first-time customers are so impressed with their initial experiences with us that they can’t wait to come back for more. Find out why we’re the top-rated pawn shop in So Cal and come see for yourself!

Zero Hassle, All Satisfaction

When you come to Central Mega Pawn, you get to decide how long you stay. All of our transactions, from buying to selling, only take a matter of minutes so you can spend the rest of your day doing what you want because time is one of the few things we deem priceless. All you need to do is follow our three-step process:

  1. Name the item to either buy or sell
  2. Negotiate a price
  3. Exchange goods

Taking out a collateral loan with us is also easy and hassle-free! We’ll clearly state the loan term, amount, APR, and total interest so you know exactly what you’re getting into before you commit. And don’t worry, your item will be kept under lockdown to give you peace of mind.

Top rated socal pawn shop to buy Antiques
We have Remarkable Selection of Jewelry, Antiques, Electronic goods, Tools
Top rated socal pawn shop to buy tools

A Remarkable Selection

You’ll never get bored walking into our store due to our large inventory of goods. With such a high traffic of people buying and selling from us every day, our stock is constantly rotating so you never know what you’ll find every time you visit. We literally have something for everyone, with a few major examples being:

  • Jewelry
  • Firearms
  • Collectibles
  • Antiques
  • Sporting goods
  • Electronics
  • Tools
  • The list goes on!

If you’re not sure whether or not we’ll take your item, show it to us anyway! We rarely turn down anything as everything has value, even if it’s only as much as a couple bucks. So don’t be shy, we’re curious to know what you got!

Full of Wonderful People

A perfectly good store with valuable items can easily be flushed down the drain with poor customer service. At Central Mega Pawn, we want you to want to come back to us which is why we’ll treat you like our own blood relatives. We’ll gladly show you kindness and listen to all of your stories with compassion because we truly care about our customers. We wouldn’t be here without you and being friendly is one of the many ways we show our appreciation. Whatever you need, we’ll do our best to help you!

Come to The Best Pawn Shop In So Cal!

There’s no doubt that Central Mega Pawn is the top-rated So Cal pawn shop that everyone is talking about. Come visit us any time at 11031 S Central Avenue in Ontario, California to see everything that there is to love about our long-running establishment.

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