Pawn Shops In Southern California

Pawn Shops In So Cal

If you live in Southern California, you’re in luck! Looking for an honorable, friendly, and vast pawn shop won’t have to be a chore because Central Mega Pawn serves the entire So Cal area. We guarantee that you’ll have an experience like no other. After the first visit, you’ll be itching to come back for more with our ever-changing inventory of everything you can possibly imagine.

The Best Pawn Shop in So Cal

Central Mega Pawn made Yelp’s list of best pawn shops in Southern California to show for all the years of impeccable service and hard work put into the business over the course of more than ten years. We excel in every category with over a thousand raving reviews to back it all up.

The Family Treatment

When visiting a pawn shop, it’s hard not to think of the fact that the broker may be trying to swindle you. At Central Mega Pawn, you never have to worry about being shorted because we believe that honesty is key to a healthy business-to-customer relationship. We want you to leave happy so you’ll be glad to come back whenever you need us. Even on your first visit we’ll treat you with the friendliness of a longtime family member.

Fast and Simple

You shouldn’t have to mark off an entire day on your calendar just for a trip to the pawn shop. Whether you’re selling, pawning, or buying at Central Mega Pawn, our simple and hassle-free process will have you in and out in a matter of minutes. The entire process will feel like a small errand that you take care of along the way as you go about the rest of your day.

We Do Everything!

Central Mega Pawn is the best place to go for all of your needs because we can do it all! We proudly offer plenty of options and services so we can be your one-stop-shop.

Flexible Pricing

Our prices are never set in stone. When selling or pawning a personal item, we encourage you to negotiate so we can discuss an amount that benefits both sides. We’re even flexible in purchasing options to make items more accessible to you no matter your financial situation. We understand that everyone comes from a different place and part of our family-like demeanor involves being understanding and generous to help you get what you need.

Central Mega Pawn is one of the best pawn shop in So Cal
We Buy, Sell and Pawn Your valuable items in So Cal

Come to Central Mega Pawn

We are the best at what we do in the entire So Cal area! We’re open every day to help you with buying, selling, or pawning items with flexible financing options. You can trust our trained and knowledgeable staff to give you fair and friendly treatment. Call us today at (909) 627-9622 for any questions you might have and we’ll gladly assist you with a smile!

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