Gold and Silver Coins for Sale at SoCal Pawn Shops

Gold and Silver Coins for Sale at SoCal Pawn Shops

Gold and silver coins are soaring in popularity, and you can find a new coin to add to your collection at our pawn shop near Upland. As a long-standing, top-reviewed SoCal pawn shop, we have an incredible selection of gold and silver coins for sale. Better yet, we offer gold and silver coins at amazing prices.

Best place to buy gold coins at Socal Pawn Shop

In today’s economic climate, gold and silver coins are a smart way to protect yourself from a falling dollar and soaring inflation. Even in excellent economic climates, gold and silver coins are a terrific way to diversify your investments. The reason? Precious metals like gold and silver tend to hold their value, or increase in value, so you won’t be exposed to the same risks inherent in other investments.

People in SoCal buy gold and silver coins for other reasons, too. They make incredible graduation gifts, wedding gifts, birthday gifts, and anniversary gifts. Others find collecting gold and silver coins to be an exciting hobby, and often find that pawn shops are the best place to find coins you can’t find elsewhere.

Find Amazing Deals on Coin and Silver Coins near Upland

Experts and experienced collectors know that SoCal pawn shops are a wonderful place to find gold and silver coins. Coins can often be purchased at our SoCal pawn shop for a fraction of what you’d pay elsewhere. To ensure you get the absolute best price when buying a gold or silver coin at a pawn shop, follow these tips.

1. Look Up the Price of Gold and Silver

Before you shop for gold or silver coins at pawn shop, review the current prices of each precious metal. The current prices will set the sales price. If you’re armed with the facts about the current going rates for an ounce of gold or silver, you’ll be an educated buyer.

2. Use Your Knowledge to Negotiate

If you’re a seasoned collector, you’ll probably have experience in negotiating for the best price for your purchase. However, even if you’ve never negotiated before, a pawn shop is the perfect place to give it a shot. Use what you know about the price of precious metals, and/or any information you have about a specific coin, to try to get a better price. If you don’t know where to begin, it never hurts to let the pawn shop quote you a price, and then offer 10% less. Many times you’ll wind up meeting somewhere in the middle.

3. Plan to Pay in Cash

Cash is preferred at pawn shops because they offer pawn loans every day, in addition to buying items from customers. Moreover, when you pay cash, you save the pawn shop, which is often a small, independently owned business from having to pay fees on every credit card transaction they process. You can often get a better deal on a gold coin, silver coin, or other item if you pay in cash.

Investing on gold coins is always a safe investent
buy silver coins in socal pawn shop

Shop for Gold or Silver Coins Seven Days a Week in SoCal

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