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Pawn Gold Chains Pomona

Whether you bought your gold chain for the sake of investing or just wanted pure clout, it’s time to cash in! But do pawn shops in Pomona pawn gold chains? Central Mega Pawn sure does. We’ll pawn any type of gold jewelry and just jewelry in general. It’s all a matter of how much your precious metal is worth.

What Is Your Gold Chain Worth?

Every piece of gold has a price. Of course, that’s determined by the amount and weight of the metal. But you also need to know the karat of your gold in order to put all of the pieces together. Central Mega Pawn can help you find the true value of your gold chain.

Checking for Karats

The karat determines the composition of your gold. To the untrained eye, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell a 9K piece apart from a pure 24K piece. But that’s ok, no one is paying you to be a gold expert. So what do you do? Lucky for you, there are qualified gold appraisers in Pomona among the Central Mega Pawn staff who will take the guesswork out of the equation for you.

Karat to Gold Purity Ratio

9K = 37.5% Gold24K = 99.9% Gold

The Changing But Stable Price of Gold

If the karat of your gold were a pair of running shoes, the current gold price is the athlete that takes them to the finish line. Basically, knowing the karat of your gold is all well and good but you can’t do much with it unless you know how much gold is going for on the market. You can easily find the current gold price online, or you can let your pals at Central Mega Pawn handle that for you when you bring in your chain.

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Best way to clean your gold chain

Prep For Success

For extra brownie points, you can get more for your gold chain in Pomona by sprucing it up a bit before you come visit the experts at Central Mega Pawn. We’ll appreciate it so much that we’ll tack on a little more to your total! Here are a few ways to clean your gold chain using safe methods:

  • Gently scrub off dirt with mild soap and warm water
  • Use an ultrasonic cleanser
  • Carefully pour boiling water over it

The Best Pawn Shop In Pomona

If you want the absolute highest price for your gold chain in Pomona, go straight to Central Mega Pawn! We’ll gladly give you the best value in the area because our fairness and generosity is what got us to where we are today. Stop by any day of the week and our gold experts will help you figure out what you have and offer you the most supreme deal.

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