Looking for a place to buy, sell or pawn sports memorabilia?

Central Mega Pawn should be your next one-stop-shop when you need to sell or pawn sports memorabilia, or when you are looking for those one of a kind items to add to your collection. Being in the middle of hometowns for great teams from every major sport means that we are part of a community of fans who are as interested in you are in collecting memorabilia of their favorite teams and athletes.

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For more information or to get updates on our inventory call us 909-627-9622 or visit our showroom.

We buy and sell memorabilia like:

Need quick cash and have some sports memorabilia?

You’re in luck! Regardless of if you are a serious collector or simply ended up with sports memorabilia that you don’t know what to do with, we can help. We offer great prices and can get you cash in hand in moments. Simply bring your items in and we can get to work helping you.

Can’t visit us in person? No problem!

Our online store rivals any auction or person to person sales sites or apps. However, just like our in-person store, our inventory is constantly changing, so when you see something you like, be sure to jump on it right away! Our great prices mean that high-quality items aren’t available for long.

Why buy, sell or pawn your sports memorabilia at Central Mega Pawn?

As members of your community, we will stock only the highest-quality items we can. We will work with you to work out a price or a trade that works for you so that you get the memorabilia you want. Also, we only buy genuine items, so when you buy from Central Mega Pawn, you know that you are getting the kind of collectible that you can keep in your collection for years to come.

If you need quick cash, we are the best place to sell or pawn your sports memorabilia. We want to get you the cash you need, quickly. We will work with you to get you the most valuable possible for your items. Unlike selling your prized collectibles to fellow collectors online or through a yard sale, your collectibles will become cash in hand in minutes, all without having to deal with hagglers or dealing with shipping and handling.

Savvy collectors can stay ahead of trends by buying and selling at the right time, and the smartest ones will recognize Central Mega Pawn as the first place to look when it comes time to buy, sell, or pawn collectibles.

Don’t overpay for the next addition to your collection, and don’t let your collectibles continue to gather dust! Turn them into quick cash at Central Mega Pawn. Visit us today to see how we can help you.

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