Hunters of the Inland Empire, Central Mega Pawn has the equipment you need!

Central Mega Pawn should be your one-stop-shop when you are getting ready for your next hunting trip. Regardless of the type of hunting you do, be it big game, small game, or waterfowl, we have your next piece of must-have equipment at a fraction of retail price. Come see why we’re quickly becoming the Inland Empire’s next favorite place to stock up on hunting gear.

What kind of hunting equipment can you find at Central Mega Pawn?

We have almost everything for hunters of all levels! If you are looking for that perfect piece of equipment to complete your kit. We buy and stock hunting gear of all kinds, which means that you can get started, add to, or upgrade to the high-end equipment of your dreams for a reasonable price.

We always have a great selection of things like:

  • Binoculars
  • Rain gear
  • Camouflage, including ghillie suits
  • Bows, both compound and recurve
  • Arrows and straighteners
  • Bird calls
  • Decoys
  • Headlamps
  • Knives
  • And more!
Fishing rod and reels in Ontario, California

Invest in high-quality used equipment at Central Mega Pawn

Why is it a good idea to buy used hunting equipment? Brand new hunting equipment like optical goods and bows can be very expensive – smart hunters know that the person behind the tool is more important than the tool itself. Good, used equipment in skilled and experienced hands will get the job done.

At Central Mega Pawn, we only buy hunting equipment that comes to us in good condition. However, you are always welcome to inspect any piece of equipment before you buy. We encourage you to carefully examine all parts of any item you are interested in, and we are always happy to tell you everything we know about a particular piece of equipment.

Why should I buy hunting equipment at Central Mega Pawn?

If you do comparison shopping, you will see that buying your hunting equipment at Central Mega Pawn is the smart move. The hunting experts at our shop will be happy to answer all of your questions and help you find the piece of hunting equipment for your needs.

Central Mega Pawn is dedicated to becoming your local resource for expert guidance on buying new and gently used hunting equipment of all kinds.

Additionally, we are held to a high standard and are fully compliant with all California regulations. We take customer safety and satisfaction seriously.

If you live in or near Ontario or in any of the surrounding communities that make up the Inland Empire, visit Central Mega Pawn today to let us show you why we should be your #1 resource for all hunting equipment needs!

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