Do you need some quick cash in Ontario?

Whatever your reason, Central Mega Pawn can help! We have been a part of the Ontario and Inland Empire communities for many years and pride ourselves on our reputation as a helpful resource for our neighbors. Turn your unwanted or unused items into cash today with a pawn loan from Central Mega Pawn.

If you live in Ontario or the surrounding communities, Central Mega Pawn is the place near you when you need quick cash. We are open seven days a week and are always available to help you.

we provide cash loan on Musical instruments, coins, jewelry, watches, electronics, tools

How does a cash loan work at Central Mega Pawn?

What can you use to get a cash loan? Here is just a sampling of popular items:

we provide cash loan on Musical instruments, coins, jewelry, watches, electronics, tools

Why a cash loan from Central Mega Pawn?

A loan from Central Mega Pawn is quick and easy: no credit check, little paperwork, and you will get your cash in mere minutes!

Don’t risk your credit score!

Did you know that a cash loan from a pawn shop like Central Mega Pawn is one of the safest kinds of loans out there? It’s true! When you borrow from a bank, payday lender, or other institution, you risk damaging your credit score if you default, which can give you problems with everything from job searching to applying for apartments.

But, with a loan from Central Mega Pawn, if you happen to default, nothing is reported to credit bureaus and your credit score remains unchanged.

Why choose Central Mega Pawn

If you live in or near Ontario, or any of the surrounding communities that make up the Inland Empire, visit Central Mega Pawn today to find out how we can get you the cash you need!

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