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Hublot is the peak of Swiss-made designer watches, offering only the most unique and utterly stunning pieces that no other brand can even dare to match. Are you ready to impress your friends with a work of art unlike anything they’ve ever seen before? Central Mega Pawn is the best place to start living your luxurious dream.

Hublot is a pride

Why Hublot?

The innovators at Hublot pride themselves in being pioneers of the non-traditional side of watchmaking. Their first mark on this world involved the creation of a previously nonexistent material which they now call Magic Gold, a seamless combination of gold and rubber, the world’s first scratch-proof gold at a whopping 18 carats. With the debut of this new material, they simultaneously created the very first rubber watch band which is now commonly worn to this day.

The “Art of Fusion”

Since the initial reveal of their Magic Gold watch band, Hublot continues to invent more unique combinations using materials that no one else would even think to try. Imagine a band made entirely of denim, or a crystal-clear watch made entirely out of sapphire. Their in-house masterminds (referred to as Manufacture) even crafted a material worthy of being called Hublonium consisting of magnesium and aluminum.

To top off the pure genius in Hublot’s design, they utilize quartz for ultimate precision and minimal maintenance. The wide variety of movements that Hublot has designed is just as outstanding as their ability to defy the laws of nature to craft their materials. Here is a quick rundown of their popular movement options:

  • 30mm x 30.4mm x 8mm
  • 330 components
  • 72 hour power reserve
Unico 2
  • 30mm x 30mm x 6.75mm
  • 354 components
  • 72 hour power reserve
Meca-10 10 Day Power Reserve
  • 34.8mm x 34.8mm x 6.8mm
  • 223 components
  • 10 day power reserve
Automatic Tourbillon
  • 33.80mm x 33.80mm x 7.37mm
  • 243 components
  • 3 day power reserve
  • 34.8mm x 34.8mm x 10.85mm
  • 270 components
  • 14 day power reserve

Hublot Fun Facts

  • Hublot translates to “porthole” in French to match their face design
  • The brand was established in the 80’s and is already world-renowned
  • A Hublot watch was used as an official timekeeper during the FIFA World Cup in 2014

Where to Buy a Hublot Watch

Hublot watches are already naturally more affordable than most competitors, but you can count on Central Mega Pawn for an even more affordable piece. But lower prices aren’t the only thing you’ll find at our store. You can also expect fast and friendly service from knowledgeable professionals along with flexible finance options. Our inventory is always changing to offer you the greatest variety and although we absolutely love Hublot, we offer all of the top brands for the ultimate selection of designer watches.

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