Do you have a Tag Heuer watch just gathering dust?

If you’ve got a Tag Heuer watch that you no longer wear, don’t let it just sit around gathering dust – bring it to us at Central Mega Pawn and find out how much cash your watch can put in your pocket!

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Turn your Tag Heuer Watch into Quick Cash at Central Mega Pawn!

If you could use some quick cash and have a Tag Heuer watch sitting around, Central Mega Pawn can help. We have been a part of the Claremont and Inland Empire communities for many years and pride ourselves on our reputation as a helpful resource for our neighbors. Turn your unwanted or unused watch into cash today with a little help from Central Mega Pawn.

We are open seven days a week and are always available to help you.

Why Sell Your Tag Heuer Watch at Central Mega Pawn?

  • Safety – your Tag Heuer watch is a desirable item. Don’t put yourself at risk by meeting up with strangers to sell your valuable watch. Selling your watch to Ontario Pawn Shop is safe, fast, and fair.
  • Peace of mind – if you sell online, you run the risk of encountering troublesome buyers who may try to defraud you.
  • Quick and easy – you can turn your watch into cash in mere minutes at Ontario Pawn Shop. No need to waste time and money waiting for payment, shipping or insuring!
  • We are qualified professionals – we recognize the value in popular luxury watches and make the best deal we can to keep our inventory stocked with only quality materials.
sell tag heuer watch
sell tag heuer watch in claremont

Here’s How to Get the Most Value for Your Tag Heuer Watch at Central Mega Pawn:

Just a few easy steps will get you all set up to get top dollar for your Tag Heuer watch at Central Mega Pawn:

  • Gather the information on your watch – having the original box and paperwork for your Tag Heuer watch will go a long way in getting you a good price. If you do not have the box or paperwork, at least know the model’s name and year. This will help us find you a good price.
  • Asses the condition – if your watch is dirty, damaged or missing pieces, that will affect the value. You may want to take the time to clean it up before bringing it to us, so that we can make the most generous offer possible.
  • Visit us and get your quote!
  • After you’ve taken our quote around town, you’ll see that no other shop can beat our price; so, your next step is to return to Ontario Pawn Shop and get your cash!

Why choose Central Mega Pawn

  • We want to work with you to get you the cash you need
  • We are held to a high standard and are fully compliant with all California regulations
  • We will work with you to get you the most value for your timepiece
  • We manage a huge inventory, which means that it is likely a place for your Tag Heuer watch on our shelves!

If you live in Claremont or one of the surrounding Inland Empire communities, visit Central Mega Pawn today to find out how to turn your Tag Heuer watch into cash!

sell tag heuer watch
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