Sell Your Cartier Watch

The demand for luxury watches in Upland and surrounding communities in the Inland Empire is as high as it’s ever been. So if you have a Cartier watch that you no longer wear or want, you can turn it into instant cash today. Here’s how to get money in your pocket by selling your Cartier watch.

Sell your Cartier watches in Upland California

1. Clean Your Watch

Luxury watches that are in good condition and look clean will get the best offer. So before you take a luxury watch into a pawn shop to sell, wipe it down. Be careful about using harmful cleaners, though. Instead, just use a damp towel to wipe down the watch.

2. Replace the Battery if Necessary

You shouldn’t bring a Cartier watch that doesn’t work in to try to sell. So invest in a watch battery and set the time properly before you take it to a pawnshop to sell.

3. Know the Value

Before you take your Cartier watch or any other luxury watch to a pawn shop to sell, do a bit of research. Look for comparable values, so you have an idea of what the watch is worth. Keep in mind that a pawn shop will typically offer you a percentage of its value, not the new retail value.

4. Gather packaging

If you have the packaging, tags, or other verification of authenticity, bring it to the pawn shop along with your watch. You may get a better offer if you have the original box and paperwork.

5. Bring Your I.D.

When you’re selling a Cartier watch or any other luxury watch to a pawn shop, you’ll need to have I.D. with you. So be sure to grab your license, passport, or state I.D.

6. Negotiate

In the shop, don’t be afraid to try to negotiate for a better price. The more educated you are about your Cartier watch, the better position you’ll be in to negotiate for an increased price.

Best place to buy or sell Cartier watches near upland CA

Buy a Cartier Watch in the Inland Empire

If you’re looking to buy a Cartier watch in Upland, consider visiting a pawn shop first. You can often find luxury watches for a fraction of the price you’d pay at a traditional retailer. Many of the luxury items pawn shops keep in stock have been barely used, or worn, and have the original packaging. When you go shopping for a luxury watch at a pawn shop, follow these tips for the best experience.

Buy a Cartier Watch in the Inland Empire

1. Know Your Budget

You can avoid overpaying by setting a firm budget and sticking to it. You may find that you can use this budget as a negotiation tool with the pawnshop.

2. Know Values

It helps to have a ballpark idea of the cost of a Cartier watch before you begin shopping for one. You can easily run a search online to find out what new Cartier watches retail for.

3. Bring Cash

You’ll probably get a better price on a designer watch in Upland if you bring cash. Cash helps the pawnshop to reduce fees charged by credit card companies. So, remember that cash is king when shopping for designer items.

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