Best Pawn Shop in Pomona for Cash Loans

Best Pawn Shop in Pomona for Cash Loans

It shouldn’t be a stressful endeavor to borrow just a handful of cash. Rather than struggling with credit-based loans or trying to find a friend or family member to lend you money, let your friends at Central Mega Pawn take care of you. We’ve helped so many people in Pomona get the money they need to pay their bills, buy gifts, and whatever else life throws at them.

Why Central Mega Pawn?

You may think that all pawn shops operate the same way, but don’t let these preconceived notions fool you. Other pawn shops may not accept as many items as collateral or are as fair with their loan terms. At Central Mega Pawn, we do everything we can to keep our Pomona customers happy and wanting to come back.

Quick and Convenient

Our store is open seven days a week so we can always be there for you when you need us most. We understand that you have places to be and that’s why we make our loan process as simple as possible. It’s as easy as walking in, getting your cash, and being on your way. Regular cash loans could take an entire day or longer to process, but taking out a pawn loan with our skilled staff takes literal minutes.

Fair Loan Terms

Other businesses are obsessed with getting the most money they can out of you in order to maximize their profits. At Central Mega Pawn, you come first. We make sure to give you interest rates and deadlines that are fair and attainable for your specific situation so you can handle your loan with minimal stress. Our appraisers will even give you the highest possible value on your collateral. We are here to be a helping hand, not your worst fear.

Flexible to Your Needs

There is no limit to the amount of cash you can borrow as it’s all entirely dependent on the value of your collateral. If you need to borrow even more money, you can have multiple active loans at once. If you need more time paying your loan, you can always explain the situation to us and ask for an extension. You also have the option of renewing your loan at the end of your contract.

Best Pawn Shop in Pomona For cash Loans
we offer multiple active loans

Service You Can Trust

Every single loan we establish is completely confidential to keep you safe. We will only deal with the individual who signed the original contract to avoid any possible altercations. Every single staff member at Central Mega Pawn is trained to adhere to all California state regulations for the most reliable and trustworthy service. Getting a cash loan with us in Pomona requires absolutely zero credit checks so there’s no risk to your credit score if you’re unable to make your payments.

The Best Place In Pomona

Central Mega Pawn is the best pawn shop in Pomona for cash loans. Our staff is trained and experienced in properly appraising your collateral and setting up fair loan terms. Because of our vast inventory, we will accept nearly anything of value and we’ll conduct tests to gauge its true worth. Come visit us today for quick and easy cash!

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