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We Buy Sell & Loan on all types of rare and valuable coins and our inventry of individual, sets, rolls & collections is always changing so you never know what you may find in our showroom.

  • American Coins
  • Ancient Coins
  • Quarters – Bust, Barber, Seated Liberty, Standing Liberty & Washington
  • Dollars – Morgan Silver Dollar,Presidential, Silver Eagle, Peace Dollar, Eisenhower, Seated Liberty,Sacagawea & Trade
  • Dimes – Bust, Seated Liberty, Mercury Dime, Barber & Roosevelt
  • Nickels Buffalo, Shield, Liberty, Jefferson & Westward Journey
  • PenniesLarge, Indian Head, Lincoln Head, Bicentennial & Flying Eagle
  • All coins of value
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Offering the best rates in town! We buy, sell and offer loans on valuable currency both foreign and domestic. Currency notes have been a big part of the coin collecting world and some pieces of currency are worth a tremendous amount of money today!If you are a currency collector then you are always on the lookout for new places to find great deals on hard to find, rare and valuable currency notes to complete or simply grow your collection. If this is the case mark us down as one of your new spots to find deals on all types of currencies including:

  • American Currency
  • Wood Choppers
  • Silver Certificates
  • Gold Certificates
  • Nationals
  • Partial Notes
  • Collonials and More
If you are looking to buy, sell or get a loan on your currency collection we can help!.
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buyer and seller of antiques in pomona, montclair and ontario


Going Antiquing? Antique collectors that have been to our shop know that we are a great place to keep up with as we have a constantly changing inventory and you never know what types of antiques you may find. We are also a great place to quickly sell your antiques for top dollar or antiques you have inherted and have no use for. From finds in the attic to estate items and everything in between if you have a need to bjy, sell or even get a cash loan on an antique of value we are the place to come to.

  • Silverware
  • Plates and Dishes
  • Jewelry
  • Typewriters
  • Clocks and Watches
  • Paintings
  • Games and More

Sports Memorbilia

Sports fans who love to collect those valuable pieces of memorabillia we are the place for you. We are always ready to buy, sell, trade or loan cash on anything sports related that has value. We carry items from every sport including baseball, football, hockey, tennis, golf and more Items Such As:

  • Autographed & Non Autographed
  • Trading Cards
  • Photos
  • Plates
  • Jerseys
  • Posters
  • Gloves, Balls, Helmets and more
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Movie & T.V. Memorbilia

  • Autographed and Non Autographed
  • Pictures
  • Posters
  • Plates
  • DVDs
  • Figures and Dolls
  • Activity Sets
  • And much more